The creepy ghost town in holiday hotspot that has been abandoned for 100 years | The Sun

The creepy ghost town in holiday hotspot that has been abandoned for 100 years | The Sun


AS WELL as relaxing on the beach or sightseeing in cities, some tourists also like to explore creepier destinations.

One place they can do just that is in Turkey, where a small town has remained abandoned now for 100 years.

The ruins of houses, churches and other buildings can be found in Kayaköy, a neighbourhood of Fethiye in the Muğla Province, which was once home to hundreds of people, before the town was evacuated.

The eerie streets have been left behind, with people able to wander from building to building and have a glimpse at the lives of those who used to live there.

The last of the townspeople were predominantly Greek Orthodox but they were forced out of their homes following the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–1922.

This was due to the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, which contained a protocol for a population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

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It permanently barred Greek Orthodox refugees from returning to their homes in Turkey and instead forced them to leave their homes for Greece.

Similarly, it also required that Greece's Muslim citizens permanently leave Greece for Turkey.

While most of the Turkish towns evacuated by the departing Greek Orthodox residents were happily repurposed by those returning to from Greece, Kayaköy was left vacant.

Some say this was because people were put off by rumours of ghosts living in the village.

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Either way, the homes were left abandoned and now act as a museum of the time, with some of the buildings still in good condition.

One person who visited the town was travel Tiktoker Location Unlocked (@locationunlocked).

In a video, they showed what it's like to wander around the abandoned town, including photos of some of the old residents of the town.

They said: "Today we visited a ghost town in Turkey. It's been abandoned for 100 years.

"You can see photos of some of the people that lived here.

"Some of the houses are still more or less intact.

"It was abandoned due to a population swap between Turkey and Greece.

"According to the locals, the Turks didn't want to move into this town because of the alleged ghosts.

"It feels eerie to walk through the old streets of the town, but it's definitely an interesting place to visit."

The town has an overall score of 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor, with a lot of tourists enjoying their visit.

One wrote: "A stunning and peaceful place to visit.

"To see the ruins of this ghost town was brilliant. I love the old style of living so this village is a must."

Another added: "You can just wander the derelict village and enjoy the amazing views. Loved it."

A trip to Kayaköy can be made as part of a visit to the south of Turkey, where beaches like Soguk Su Koyu can be seen.

Turkey is one of the cheapest places for Brits to visit at the moment, due to the performance of the Turkish Lira against the Pound.

The nearest airport to the ghost town is Dalaman, where return flights can be booked from the UK for less than £100pp.

A night for two nearby can be booked from around £50.

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