The ‘essential’ supplement that could help fight long Covid

The ‘essential’ supplement that could help fight long Covid


What is long Covid and what are the known symptoms?

The research found those with long Covid had significantly reduced creatine levels within the skeletal muscles and energy-demanding organs. 

Creatine is commonly used as a supplement for athletes to improve power output and muscle mass. But it’s also found naturally in the body, as well as red meat and seafood.

Half of the body’s creatine stores come from food, while the rest is made within the liver and kidney, and supplementing with it can dramatically increase these stores.

Jess Hillard, leading sports nutritionist at Warrior, revealed how the “essential” supplement can help with fatigue and ease symptoms for long Covid sufferers.

She explained: “Within the body, creatine enhances energy production in cells within the ATP-PC (Adenosine Triphosphate-Phosphocreatine) system which is the key energy system used for power output, for example weightlifting or sprinting. Creatine allows replenishment of ATP within a cell, giving it a chance to produce more energy within one muscle contraction (therefore, increased power output).

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“When supplementing with creatine, you are increasing the amount of phosphocreatine (PC) stored within each cell, helping the body to produce an increased muscle contraction through the ATP-PC system.

“It was found that due to long Covid sufferers having less creatine stores, the muscles do not contract enough energy around the body, leading to increased fatigue.”

Jess added: “Though this is the first research within this area, it is a positive start to looking at solutions to this debilitating medical issue.

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“Supplementing will not have any severe negative effects as such and if suffering with long Covid could really be worth trying it out.”

One side effect to be aware of, said Jess, is simply bloating. However, this only happens when first starting to creatine load.

Jess said: “This is mainly due to water retention as creatine helps to pull water into the cells. This does tend to ease off once the loading phase is done and not everyone will experience this issue.

“Other than bloating, there is no evidence of other health issues surrounding this supplement and the benefits outweigh the negatives.”

When it comes to creatine recommendations, Jess said: “The leading creatine supplement on Amazon at the moment is the Warrior creatine (available to buy from Amazon and, RRP £16.99).

“This is a great choice if you are looking to start taking creatine supplements, especially if suffering with any effects from long Covid.”

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