The kitchen appliances adding the most to your energy bills – and how to cut costs | The Sun

The kitchen appliances adding the most to your energy bills – and how to cut costs | The Sun


BRITS have been battling with one of the worst cost of living crises in decades and soaring energy bills are taking their toll on households.

But many don’t realise which appliances are the biggest energy-guzzlers – and there are some easy ways to cut costs.

Here we take a look at the average annual running costs of each large appliance in your kitchen according to Which?.

Tumble dryers

Tests show tumble dryers are the most costly appliance to run in the kitchen.

They cost the average household a whopping £140 a year.

But if you have a heat pump model this price is slashed in half – as they are far more energy efficient.


American-style fridge freezers can cost Brits a small fortune – setting back the average household £120 every year.

But freestanding models, which are usually smaller, are significantly cheaper to run.

They will only set back home £84.94 – which integrated models are even cheaper at £72.41 a year.

The energy usage for these appliances are so high because freezers need to be on 24/7.

To save money make sure to let food cool down before putting it into the freezer – as hot food makes it work harder.

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Dishwashers can be pricey when you tot up how much they cost over the course of a year.

They set the average household back £79.38.

The obvious way to save money is to only run your appliance when it is full – or go back to the good old fashioned sink!


The average built-in electric oven costs £64.18 per year to run.

In general, electric ovens are more energy proficient and do better in cost saving tests.

You should turn off the oven a few minutes before food is ready, leaving it to continue cooking in what's left of the heat.

It's going to take a while to cool down anyway, and that extra heat is just going to waste.

You can also get away with not preheating the oven in most cases too.

Most ovens are quick to heat up nowadays so you're likely just wasting excess energy.

Washing machine

Washing machines fall only just behind oven’s in yearly cost.

Annually they set homes back £63.25 .

To save money – and the planet – wash your clothes at a lower temperature.

If your machine is only half full, you might want to hold off from hitting the start button too. Waiting until you have a full load of washing means you’re likely to do fewer cycles through the year. 

Which? recently found that doing one big wash four times a week reduces energy consumption by 17% compared to someone doing three smaller washes every day. 

Prices will vary based on the model you have, how much you use it, your energy tariff.

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