The sex toy giving users 'mind-blowing' orgasms

The sex toy giving users 'mind-blowing' orgasms


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We need to fan ourselves down after reading the reviews on this sex toy, which has a legion of very, very satisfied users.

The toy in question that’s breaking us out into a sweat is the Self Love Wand from Ann Summers, which is, talk about good timing, in the newly-released gift sets from the brand.

‘Not usually a squirter but bite my lip and OMG ! Within 3 mins I realised I need to put a towel down first in future,’ one very honest reviewer shared of the toy. ‘Highly recommend this to all you ladies thinking about getting one you will not regret it.’

You want another?

One wrote: ‘Well what can I say about this wand, if you want to be left shaking then this is the product for you, this wand brings the ultimate orgasm and is honestly one of my favourite toys, if you want a good night than this is the toy for you.’

’This was my first wand… My first mind-blowing orgasm and now my favourite toy!’ another shopper wrote. ‘Every woman NEEDS this NOW! I love how it can be used all over the body or on your partner as well. Really easy and comfortable to use, especially with some water-based lubricant.’

*clutches pearls…adds to cart*

Self Love Wand

12 Nights Of Exhileration Gift Set

So, it’s your lucky day it’s available as part of a deal, right? Because make no mistake autumn is upon us which means it’s just a hop, skip and a few hundred gingerbread lattes until Christmas.

And the best part of Christmas? Technically, we feel obligated to say family and togetherness but sod it, it’s the gifts. Plus in 2023, we’re all about the gift of giving to ourselves. Because if you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else?

And what better gift from you to you than pleasure? Ann Summers has long been known for providing a particular buzz of excitement and now its released some exciting new gift sets for you to enjoy. Whether you want to use these with a partner or for some much-needed solo pleasure.

The Self Love Wand is one of the toys included in the 12 Nights of Exhilaration set, which retails at £200 but is actually worth £325. So yeah, you’re parting with 200 quid but with a saving of 36%, which is totes the kind of maths we can get on board with.

Like the famous Christmas song, the set allows you to enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas with a new, exciting and tantalising gift every night. In other words, get those pipers a-piping.

The best selling Thrusting Rabbit vibrator is also available in the set, which also comes with a flexi vibrator and orgasm gel. 

There’s a great range of gift sets from Ann Summers to enjoy that can work for any occasion. There are options for your pleasure, his pleasure of the pleasure of togetherness.

And they’re all available to purchase now so get in there quick before they sell out.

Seriously, we’re already snapping up ours now.

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