The starry cast of Dolly Alderton’s new TV series is ridiculously good

The starry cast of Dolly Alderton’s new TV series is ridiculously good


Everything I Know About Love is coming to BBC One very soon, and it boasts a suitably stellar cast. 

“I know that love happens under the splendour of moon and stars and fireworks and sunsets but it also happens when you’re lying on blow-up airbeds in a childhood bedroom, sitting in A&E or in the queue for a passport, or in a traffic jam.

“Love is a quiet, reassuring, relaxing, pottering, pedantic, harmonious hum of a thing; something you can easily forget is there, even though its palms are outstretched beneath you in case you fall.”

So says Dolly Alderton in her bestselling book, Everything I Know About Love, which has been branded a must-read for anyone who has ever fallen in (or out of) love. And now it seems as if her brilliant coming-of-age story is about to become a must-watch, too, as the BBC has unveiled its seriously stellar cast for the upcoming TV adaptation.

Dolly Alderton’s memoir, Everything I Know About Love, is being transformed into a new BBC drama.

As anyone who’s read the book that has inspired 1,000+ wedding readings will already know, Everything I Know About Love is a series of self-deprecating, and occasionally heartbreaking, essays on bad dates, friendships, relationships, breakups, and growing up as a millennial.

The BBC, however, will be dramatising the series to bring us a “messy, boisterous, joyful romantic comedy about two female best friends from childhood and what happens when they move into their first London house share and move into their first phase of adulthood,” as per Alderton’s comments at the BBC Drama Preview Q&A earlier this year.

In the process, the series will beg the question: can platonic love survive romantic love as we grow up?

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Now, these two BFFs – Maggie and Birdy – will form the central love story of the series, with the former being played by The Witcher’s Emma Appleton and the latter by Bel Powley (oh she of The Morning Show fame).

Emma Appleton will star as Maggie in the BBC’s Everything I Know About Love.

They will be joined by Gangs Of London star Jordan Peters, who will be stepping into the shoes of Neil, and Marli Siu as Nell.

Aliyah Odoffin, Connor Finch, and Ryan Brown, meanwhile, will be making their onscreen TV debuts as Amara, Stree, and Nathan respectively.

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As mentioned already, it’s a stellar lineup – and Alderton herself is incredibly happy with the talented actors that are poised and ready to bring the semi-fictionalised adaptation of her memoir to life.

“I am beyond thrilled with every actor we have on board for Everything I Know About Love,” she says.

“Aisha Bywaters has helped us find our dream cast and we are so excited to see them inhabit the world of the show and bring its stories and relationships to life.” 

Aliyah Oddofin will star as Amara in Everything I Know About Love.

The seven-part series for BBC One will be directed by Harlots’ China Moo-Young and produced by Working Title Television, which has previously brought us such gems as We Are Lady Parts and Hanna.

Essentially, it’s all looking incredibly positive for fans of Everything I Know About Love. And, while we don’t yet have a confirmed release date, we’re pretty confident the series will be hitting our TV screens at some point in 2022.

Anyone else excited?

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