‘They look completely besotted’: Sophie & Edward still appear in the early stages of love

‘They look completely besotted’: Sophie & Edward still appear in the early stages of love


Sophie Wessex opens new unit at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, joined the Royal Family in 1999 when she tied the knot with Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son, Prince Edward. An expert has shared how their body language shows they are sometimes “completely besotted” with one another. 

Sophie and Edward are both senior working members of the Royal Family and regularly appear at events and engagements.

The pandemic also hasn’t stopped their work, with the couple taking to virtual video calls to undertake their duties. 

As well as appearing together, the royal couple also have separate interests.

The Countess will even attend events on behalf of her mother-in-law, the current monarch.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language expert Judi James used her expertise to analyse how their marriage has matured.

She said: “They have been married for 22 years but their body language rituals together would more normally define the very early stages of being in love. 

“Sophie and Edward have a trait of standing face-to-face in public, using some prolonged bouts of eye contact. 

“There is a standing joke that long-term married couples are easy to pick out because they tend to look at one another very little, if at all, but Edward and Sophie still appear happy to perform these quite exclusive and intense bouts of attention to one another, complete with flattering smiles.”

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The expert added that the couple have grown into their marriage while being in the public eye, regularly showing each other signs of affection. 

Judi said: “In the early days of their relationship their poses often looked rather awkward but they seem to have grown into their current signals of mutual admiration and affection, as well as a habit of mirroring one another to suggest a like-minded approach to their duties.

“This relationship seems to have matured into a very even-handed double act in terms of status and presence. 

“When they first married it looked as though Edward was keen to mimic his older brothers in terms of projecting a strong and protective presence with a slightly nervous-looking Sophie.

“Now their signals suggest it is Sophie who has the edge in terms of confidence, with her smiles of approval and encouragement suggesting she boosts her husband rather than the other way round.”

The couple recently restarted their in-person appearances after turning to online calls for several months.

Their first visit was to the NHS Seacole Centre in Surrey to hear the journey about how the facility was set up in just 35 days

Sophie and Edward were pictured standing very close to one another, both listening to what staff had to say.

On other occasions, the couple can be seen sitting next to each other.

Before the third national lockdown came into force, the couple visited Vauxhall City Farm where they were Sophie was pictured gazing into Edwards’s eyes while sitting on hay bales together.

Judi said: “Edward might sit with his legs splayed while Sophie crosses her legs in his direction and gazes at him fondly but her natural skills of communication and her way of carrying out royal duties is so relaxed and competent that the suggestion is that her sense of calm pride in her husband helps him overcome any nerves now that their profile as front-line royals has been enhanced.”

The expert added that they sometimes “look completely besotted with each other”, but their “wide, congruent smiles as they meet eye contact suggests a sense of humour too”.

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