This week’s new music playlist: Crystal Murray, Sea Power and Let’s Eat Grandma

This week’s new music playlist: Crystal Murray, Sea Power and Let’s Eat Grandma


From gaslighting-inspired songs to industrial bangers, here’s every track you need to listen to this week…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Playlist. 

And after the musical no man’s land of yuletide, we’re back with a fresh collection of tunes to add to your rotation. 

From rage anthems to Lake District love songs, here’s what to press play on this week…

  • 1. Let’s Eat Grandma: Happy New Year

    What better way to start 2022 than with an aptly named track? Norwich duo and punctuation fans Let’s Eat Grandma have returned with a new single from their upcoming third album to ring in the new year. The result is a track that draws on a rift in the bandmates and childhood friends’ relationship and turns it into a perfect chunk of synthpop.

  • 2. Crystal Murray ft. Le Diouck: Other Men

    Rising Parisian artist Crystal Murray has dropped a new song that takes inspiration from her love of the city’s underground electronic scene. Crystal has teamed up with fellow French musician Le Diouck allowing for the pair’s distinctive voices to dance around each other in, as the singer describes, “a song about a toxic love which keeps coming back”.

  • 3. Sea Power: Green Goddess

    If you ask us, too many love songs neglect the shrubbery of the English countryside in favour of romantic entanglements. Sea Power have righted this wrong with a new song that pays homage to “human and non-human muses” as it celebrates “everything green from the Lake District to the New Forest”. Put away your lutes though, this one is still best enjoyed with a beer and a sticky venue.

  • 4. Sasami: Say It

    US artist Sasami Ashworth aka Sasami has ditched the softer indie sounds of her 2019 debut album in favour of, well almost the complete opposite. She’s teamed up with the likes of heavy metal band Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren for her new record, with her new single (“a rage anthem dance track” as she describes) indicating her evolving artistry. 

  • 5. Michelle: Expiration Date

    New York collective Michelle are all about making music inspired by what the city was like in the 90s, from the R&B of the likes of TLC to the infrastructure of New York itself. Their latest release Expiration Date is a chilled out dreamy pop song ideal for the indoor January days we’ll be spending glued to our duvets.

  • 6. Softcult: Gaslight

    Alt-rock pair Softcult continue to marry their music with important feminist messages with the release of their new track that explores an abusive relationship with gaslighting at the centre. “We wanted to raise awareness of this manipulation technique so that whoever hears the song will be able to recognize those red flags if they encounter that kind of behaviour,” they explain. 

Images: Colin Solal Cardo

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