Toilet rolls listed on eBay for up to £1,000 as supermarkets shelves cleared amid coronavirus panic stockpiling – The Sun

Toilet rolls listed on eBay for up to £1,000 as supermarkets shelves cleared amid coronavirus panic stockpiling – The Sun


PACKS of toilet rolls are being listed on eBay for hundreds of pounds as panic shoppers hoard supermarket supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus cases have spiked in the UK, with the total number of people infected with Covid-19 at 319 – as of March 9, 2020.

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Frantic customers have been filling supermarket trolleys with loo roll over bizarre fears that they'll need them if the deadly virus spreads.

Some stores have already begun rationing goods, with Aldi and Asda limiting the number of hand sanitisers to two per customer and Tesco even putting a cap on pasta and tinned veg.

And in Australia, women were filmed brawling over the last toilet roll in a supermarket.

Now, crafty sellers are cashing in on the chaos by listing packs of bog roll for up to £1,000.

A pack of 16 Andrex toilet rolls was listed for the ludicrous amount earlier this week, with a buy it now price of £2,000. The same pack costs £7 from Asda.

There are almost 200 hits for "toilet roll" on the site, with many at insanely inflated prices.

Nine Andrex toilet rolls are being listed for £215, more than 39 times its original £5.50 price tag, while a 13 pack will set you back £400.

A four pack of Tesco luxury soft toilet paper has a huge mark up too.

It costs £1.90 if you buy it from the store, while one seller is taking their chances and listing it for a gross £100.

Of course, as with anything sold on eBay, just because they're listed for hundreds of pounds doesn't mean that they'll sell for that.

In fact, a pack of 60 Cusheen toilet rolls recently sold for £16 on the auction site.

Before shoppers turn to these chancers on eBay if their local supermarket appears to be out of the household essential, many retailers still have toilet roll available to buy online.

For example, a quick search online shows that Tesco still has packs of Andrex, Cushelle and some of its own brand rolls, while Sainsbury's is still fully stocked.

Last week, we reported how some eBay users were taking advantage of the shortage of hand sanitising gel by selling tiny bottles for almost 30 times more than they cost in shops.

An eBay spokesperson told The Sun: "eBay does not tolerate sellers exploiting other users.

"We have filters in place designed to prevent the listing of these items at unreasonably inflated prices, and we are constantly updating our measures to control listings as the situation evolves.

"Where sellers are attempting to circumvent our filters, we are actively removing listings that breach our policies and taking necessary enforcement action."

There's no need to panic though. To ease your mind, we've put together a guide to how much food you'd need to stockpile if you need to self-isolate for two weeks.

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