Tokyo Banana and Pokémon Are Back for an Eevee "Mega Huggy Pillow"

Tokyo Banana and Pokémon Are Back for an Eevee "Mega Huggy Pillow"


After recreating a Pikachu pillow version of its iconic sponge cakes, Japanese confectionary company Tokyo Banana expands its array of Pokémon-themed cushions with Eevee.

With a similar size to the electric Pokémon pillow, the mega-sized Eevee version sees brown faux fur and is as tall as five boxes of Tokyo Banana stacked on top of one another. The cocoa brown pillow is reminiscent of the beloved chocolate spongy cake treat with a caramel macchiato custard filling released in late 2020 – in the same banana shape with the smiling Eevee at the front and its bushy tail at the back.

Tokyo Banana is currently hosting a giveaway for the Eevee Tokyo Banana pillow on Twitter. You can follow the official Tokyo Banana Twitter account and retweet the following tweet below to enter. The giveaway is open from now until May 29 where only 25 winners will be selected.


#イーブイ東京ばな奈 デザインの

①@tokyobanana1991 をフォロー

規約:ポケモン #pokémon

— 東京ばな奈【公式】 (@tokyobanana1991) May 15, 2021

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