Tommy Fury brands Jake Paul a 's***house' and warns he will 'stick it on him' if he sees YouTuber in the street

Tommy Fury brands Jake Paul a 's***house' and warns he will 'stick it on him' if he sees YouTuber in the street


TOMMY FURY has vowed to 'stick it on' Jake Paul if he ever sees the YouTuber in person.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight king Tyson, has been embroiled in a war of words with the social media star for the last two months.

Paul, 24, added fuel to the fire earlier this month by claiming Fury's girlfriend – Molly-Mae Hague -direct messaged him on Twitter.

And his comments have annoyed Fury to the point of him wanting a physical altercation.

In an interview with iFL TV, TNT said of the former Disney star: "In a ring, I'd rip him to pieces.

"If I ever do see him; any events or if I see him on the street, I'm gonna stick it on him."

Ex- Love Island contestant Fury renewed his calls to face the younger Paul brother earlier this month after seeing him brutally KO former UFC star Ben Askren.

Provisional talks over a clash between the pair have taken place but have yet to bear any fruit.


And Fury reckons it's unlikely he'll ever share the ring with The Problem Child.

He said: "Jake Paul, he's just a s***house.

"He won't ever fight me because he hasn't got a pair of balls. And that's just it."

Paul, however, insists he's more than willing to throw down with the undefeated Fury, although he wants the former reality TV star to pick a notable win first.

He told ESPN: "No one has ever watched any of his fights, the only reason people know of him is because of me.

"He started talking about me and his brother called me out on his behalf.

"No one has ever watched a Tommy Fury pay-per-view so no one knows if he will do numbers at the box office.

"His [promoter Frank Warren] went on TV and said send the contract, 50/50.

"I was like, get out of here with that.

"This guy only has a name and has articles written about him because of me and you're asking for 50/50… take it somewhere else.

"Maybe when he fights someone with a winning record and a highlight performance then it makes sense for us to fight, but until then, move on."

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