UK has lost patience with Covid and Boris leadership – time we get rid of both

UK has lost patience with Covid and Boris leadership – time we get rid of both


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Dear Prime Minister,

I've had enough.

The country has had enough.

You asked us to wear masks.

We did.

You asked us to socially distance.

We did.

You asked us to not see our families over Christmas last year.

We listened, but you and your friends hosted parties, quizzes, and laughed in our faces.

You asked us to get a vaccine.

We did.

You asked us to get a second vaccine.

We did.

In our millions up and down the country.

You asked us to get a booster.

That's exactly what we're doing – 20 months of sacrifice, compliance, and misery.

For what, Boris?

Further restrictions on our individual freedoms?

Businesses to collapse and for people to lose their jobs?

Perpetual hardship as you urge us to listen when your staff couldn't even obey your own rules a year ago?

I'm not joking when I said I've had enough.

We've all had enough.

This is the straw that not only broke the camel's back, but violently killed it too.

You must take us for fools?

Your consequential defeat in North Shropshire speaks volumes.

That terrible by-election result should serve as a referendum on your premiership, Boris, and treat it as a sign to surrender leadership of the Tory Party and thereby this country.

We have lost faith in you.

Your Party is losing faith in you.

The Lord Frost's resignation last week, an ardent patriot and respected minister of state, is another symptom of your waning strength as leader.

A former Brexit minister who stated in his resignation letter that we "also need to live with Covid".

Open your eyes.

Don't think baby news will distract us, no matter how much Carrie Johnson and Lynton Crosby reassure you.

We can see past the act.

We can see all of your flaws as clear as the mishandling of this public health crisis.

We can no longer see you as Prime Minister of this country.

What we ask of you is to deliver a recovery plan.

See it as your final act.

A plan to rescue this country from the clutches of this bl**dy virus that seems to consume every piece of joy from our lives is imperative, and we're not hearing anything from your office.

Your Government's lack of foresight is unsurprising.

Did your chief medics not advise on the high probability of more infectious variants emerging from Covid?

Assuming they did, why was the NHS not scaled up to deal with the Omicron variant that has currently claimed… seven lives.

You've had a year, Prime Minster, to prepare hospitals and to reutilise the once barely used and now non-existent Nightingale hospitals to deal with a potential surge of hospitalisations.

Why is the only option to sacrifice our freedoms to rectify your lack of planning?

It's heinous.

I have always remarked on my support for vaccinations – I've done so controversially on Good Morning Britain several times, upsetting loony anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists on social media.

We were told that vaccines were the way out of this mess.

Was it all a lie?

Yes, this situation is ever-changing, but we've given you time to prepare and you have failed in what is a gross dereliction of your duties as Prime Minister: our leader.

We can't continue every winter with plans to lockdown in an attempt to "save our NHS" as if depicting a post-apocalyptic scene of pandemonium with wards full to the brim of people despairing in agony.

Enough of the hysteria; enough of this lockdown bullsh*t; and enough of Boris Johnson.

Yours truly,


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