UKs green goals slip as coal-fired power rises

UKs green goals slip as coal-fired power rises


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Climate change analysts said environmental goals slipped as 2021 saw gas and coal-generated power increase while supplies from wind and nuclear sources fell. Researchers on the Carbon Brief website analysed National Grid data and learned electricity generation produced the most carbon since 2013.

The setback follows last year’s record low emissions. It is thought to be driven by extra demand as lockdowns eased.

It also comes just a month after the COP26 summit in Glasgow won near-global agreement on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon Brief said the “carbon intensity” of electricity ‑ emissions per unit ‑ was 529g per kilowatt-hour in 2013.

That fell to 181g last year but rose in the first 11 months of 2021 to 187g.

Another factor driving this year’s dirtier power was low wind speeds reducing the output of turbines.

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