Warning as dad’s dishwasher ‘hack’ claims to show ‘correct’ place to put tablet

Warning as dad’s dishwasher ‘hack’ claims to show ‘correct’ place to put tablet


A father has sparked a heated debate online after claiming we have all been placing dishwasher tablets in the wrong compartments – but an expert has issued a warning.

Scott Jeffreys, from Australia, shared a video on his TikTok explaining that he has been "doing it wrong forever" by placing the tablet inside the bigger slot.

The viral clip, seen more than 3.7 million times, shows Scott opening the tablet slot inside the dishwasher.

He flips open the plastic cover to reveal two compartments – one big slot and a smaller section with a vented cover.

The dad-of-three writes in the clip: "Who knew? I've been doing it wrong forever!"

He then puts the three-in-one washing tablet into a small section, which perfectly fits.

While some viewers were amazed that they had also been "doing it wrong", others pointed out that his hack was misleading.

One said: "What, all my life I’ve been living in a lie."

Another argued: "That’s totally wrong, you had it right the first time."

A viewer even took a step further to check the manual and commented: "Unfortunately you’re wrong. It [The smaller slot] is for the pre-clean program."

Colin Jones, an expert for Appliances Online, also fired a warning about the "hack" in an interview with news.com.au.

He explained: "Older dishwashers, around five years and over, weren’t designed for 3 in 1 tablets.

"In older dishwashing machines, there tended to be three sections for dispensing, which is highlighted in this dishwasher in the video, including a smaller vented pre-wash compartment, the compartment for the main wash and a rinse aid compartment.

"The smaller section in this dishwasher in the video is a pre-wash compartment."

Colin added that putting a tablet in the wrong slot probably won’t damage your dishwasher, but it also won’t clean your dishes properly.

Scott later posted another video showing him putting the tablet in the bigger slot while admitting he did it wrong in the viral video.

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