Watch out BT and Virgin Media! Vodafone is offering ultrafast broadband for free

Watch out BT and Virgin Media! Vodafone is offering ultrafast broadband for free


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If you want to get your movies and files beamed to your home in a flash then BT and Virgin Media offer some of the fastest speeds in the UK. These firms have recently launched gigabit technology in some parts of the UK which will allow consumers the option of whizzing a full HD film to their TVs in under 40 seconds – that’s around 15 faster than the UK average.

Although that may sound enticing, there’s now an offer from Vodafone which could eclipse these services from BT and Virgin. That’s because not only is Vodafone offering similar speeds but it is also giving customers the chance to access them for free.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Those signing up to certain Gigafast plans won’t pay a penny for half a year.

“At a time when it’s more important than ever to stay connected, the six months free offer gives customers access to our fastest speeds, without having to worry about the cost,” said Vodafone.

So what’s the catch? The only downside to this deal if you’ll need to sign up to a 24-month contract to take advantage of the six months for free.

Here’s all the plans, what speeds to expect and how much it costs.

• Vodafone Gigafast 100: 3m free then £28 per month

• Vodafone Gigafast 200: 3m free then £35 per month

• Vodafone Gigafast 500: 6m free then £45 per month

• Vodafone Gigafast 900: 6m free then £55 per month

Vodafone says the offer is for new and upgrading customers and has zero set-up cost.

Like Virgin and BT, Vodafone only offers its Gigafast Broadband in certain areas but if you live in one of the places listed below then it’s worth checking out the deal as the pricing is very competitive compared to BT and Virgin and you won’t pay anything until 2021.

Here’s where you can get Gigafast speeds with Vodafone.

Aberdeen • Birmingham • Bournemouth • Bristol • Cambridge • Coventry • Edinburgh • Huddersfield • Leeds • Liverpool • Milton Keynes • Northampton • Peterborough • Southend-on-Sea • Stirling.

News of this deal comes as Virgin Media has recently promised to bring its ultimate fibre broadband upgrade to 8 million more customers than initially planned as it continues its rollout of 1Gbps home broadband across the UK.

Virgin Media is so confident about the progress it has made bringing supercharged 1Gbps fibre broadband to customers across the UK that it’s promising to add an extra one million premises before the end of next year, followed by a further 7 million in the near future.

The extra 8 million new connections will be in addition to the 15 million homes and business already getting access to 1Gbps broadband.

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