Watch wild Tyson Fury smack heavy bag in brutal warning to next 'victim' ahead of Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder fight

Watch wild Tyson Fury smack heavy bag in brutal warning to next 'victim' ahead of Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder fight


TYSON FURY claims he has ‘a lot of aggression to take out on his next opponent’ as he shared a terrifying clip of himself working a punchbag.

The Gypsy King is a frustrated figure after Deontay Wilder won a court battle to secure a trilogy fight against the WBC champ.

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That appears to have scuppered a potential August unification showdown between Fury and Anthony Joshua.

But Fury has delivered a scary warning to whoever he faces next as he shared a clip of him landing huge and wild punches during a workout.

And he captioned it with: “‘Seek and destroy.’ I got a lot of aggression I need to take out on my next victim.”

Fury even offered Joshua a £20MILLION bare-knuckle fight until 'one man quits' after his Brit rival branded him a 'fraud'.

The heavyweight champions, who were all-but confirmed to meet on August 14 in Saudi Arabia, took aim at each other online yesterday.

Joshua, 31, tweeted: "The world now sees you for the fraud you are. You’ve let boxing down! You lied to the fans and led them on.

"Used my name for clout not a fight. Bring me any championship fighter who can handle their business correctly."

Fury, 32, responded: Your (sic) more full of s*** that Eddie, Spouting absolute s***e!


"Your full team knew there was an Arbitration going on, it was out of my hands!

"But i tell you what if i’m a fraud let’s fight this weekend bare knuckles till 1 man quits? let’s put up 20 mill each!!!"

And the war of words continued, with AJ then hitting back: "If there was an arbitration going on, why announce to the world we are fighting! The fight was signed! UNDISPUTED.

"Bare knuckle? You’re a good kid, don’t play with me Luke! I’ll slap your bald head & you’ll do nothing! Waste man."

To which Fury replied: "Not going in to the details on line! you’ll slap me about will you dosser please come and try Bum, i’m waiting…

"Femi AKA Bottlejob! 24/7 365. Ready. i’ll smoke wilder first then you will get yours aswell."

The Battle of Britain was thrown in doubt after a US judge ruled in favour of Deontay Wilder in arbitration.

It means Fury owes the ex-WBC champion a third fight in their series, or would need to strike a step aside deal to keep his super-fight with AJ alive.

Fury dethroned the American of the title in February 2020 but their contract included an immediate rematch.

That never came to fruition amid the coronavirus pandemic and the Gypsy King's team argued the stipulation expired in October.

As a result, they entered talks with Joshua all while Wilder took his case to civil court. Following months of waiting, the decision went his way.

And any hopes of negotiating a compensation package for Wilder to sit on the sidelines have been seemingly thrown out.

His trainer Malik Scott, 40, posted: “Wilder declined and had no interest in step-aside money.

"Y’all dealing with a whole different type motherf***a over here. He want the blood, not that step-aside money. ‘Retribution is upon us’.”

And Fury's US promoter Bob Arum told ESPN: "We're not paying Wilder to step aside. It's better to get rid of him.

"We can make Fury vs AJ for November or December."

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