What are the rare McDonald's Monopoly pieces 2021?

What are the rare McDonald's Monopoly pieces 2021?


MCDONALDS Monopoly is here and lucky fast-food fans could win big with hundreds of prizes up for grabs.

Included are rare stickers which, as the name suggests, are harder to come by. Here we reveal all.  

What are the rare McDonald's Monopoly pieces 2021?

Money Saving Expert explains that within each set of properties there is a rare or uncommon sticker.

If you manage to find one of these, make sure you keep hold of it as the remaining stickers in the set will be much easier to find, giving you a good chance of winning the prize for that set.

The list of rare monopoly pieces are:

Dark blue: Mayfair – £100,000 cash (four available)

Green: Bond Street – Ibiza villa or UK getaway (30 available)

Red: Strand – Lay-Z-Spa hot tub (175 available)

Yellow: Coventry Street – £1,000 to spend on home entertainment with ao (100 available)

Train stations: Liverpool St Station – phone of your choice with a one-year Sky Mobile contract (750 available)

Orange: Marlborough Street – £599 shopping spree with Missguided (700 available)

Pink: Northumberland Avenue – relaxing or adventurous experience with Buyagift (5,800 available)

Light blue: Euston Road – £100 JD Sports voucher (1,500 available)

Brown: Old Kent Road – free McDonald’s medium Extra Value Meal or Big Flavour Wraps meal (2,000,000 available)

Which McDonald's menu items have stickers on them?

The following items at McDonald’s have three stickers on them:

  • Chicken and Bacon Salad
  • Chicken Salad, Chicken Selects
  • Chicken BBQ Smokehouse
  • Big Tasty, Chicken Legend
  • Any Big Flavour Wrap
  • Medium or Large Soft Drink
  • Any Item From the McCafe Iced Range.

What are the McDonald's Monopoly 2021 prizes?

Prizes range from free food, such as apple pies and Big Macs, to pricier giveaways like holidays.

Some Monopoly pieces are harder to get than others, as fewer will be made available and these usually make up the bigger, more expensive prizes.

You can check out the full list of prizes up for grabs – and how many of each prize is available – in our McDonald's Monopoly explainer.

How long is McDonald's Monopoly on for?

McDonald Monopoly will run for a total of six weeks.

It will last from 11.30 am on Wednesday, August 25 until 11.59 pm on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

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