What the pimples on your face are really telling you

What the pimples on your face are really telling you


What the pimples on your face are really telling you – and it’s bad news if you have breakouts on your cheeks

  • A naturopath has revealed exactly what the pimples on your face mean
  • The pimples on your chin are hormonal for women, Jennifer Jefferies explained
  • But hormones on your cheeks and forehead are a bad sign for your health

If you get pimples it could be your body trying to flag underlying issues, according to a naturopath who claims it can signal everything from hormones to gut trouble.

Jennifer Jefferies, from the Healthy Life Hacks podcast, revealed the location of a pimple can reveal hidden sickness and deficiencies.

‘Where you get pimples on your face tells us things as a naturopath,’ she said in a video on Instagram.

Jennifer Jefferies , from the Healthy Life Hacks podcast, revealed the location of a pimple can reveal hidden sickness and deficiencies – and that cheek pimples mean your holding in toxins

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The author and public speaker then continued by grabbing her chin.

‘If you get a pimple here generally it is period time,’ she explained.

This means, for women, breakouts in the area are typically hormonal and nothing to worry about.

But if you are getting breakouts on your cheeks during your period then there could be a problem, she explained.

‘That’s not hormones, that’s large intestines so that means you’re holding toxins,’ she said. ‘And if toxins don’t come out in your poos and pees then they come out of your skin.’


The forehead is linked to the digestive system. Conditions like irritable bowel syndrome can show up here via breakouts or lines. So can a poor diet, a lack of sleep, and increased stress levels.


The temples represent the kidneys and bladder. Infections or inflammation in these areas can present themselves via acne. Medications that aren’t agreeing with your body can also have an effect here.


The space between the eyebrows corresponds with the liver. The liver plays a detoxification role, so toxins from negative emotions or a bad diet can be detrimental to this facial area.

Under the eyes 

Under the eyes is linked to bodily fluids. Stress or a lack of water can lead to puffiness, eye bags, or dark circles.


The nose is split into two parts. The left side signifies the left side of the heart and the right relates to the right side.

Any heart-related blockages reportedly show up in the form of redness or blackheads, and oiliness or breakouts could be a sign of blood pressure or cholesterol problems.


The cheeks relate to the stomach, spleen, and respiratory system. Red cheeks may be a sign of stomach inflammation. Breakouts may be linked to allergies or sinus issues.


The mouth symbolizes the stomach and colon. Ulcers in this area may be a sign of stomach ulcers or a raw or cold diet that forces the stomach to go into overdrive to heat up the food.

Chin and jawline 

The jawline and chin correspond with the hormonal and reproductive system. Pimples here may relate to the menstrual cycle or feelings of stress.


She said pimples on the forehead are also linked to the large intestine.

She went on to explain she will map clients faces to work out the exact cause of their breakouts. 

‘We look at all of those things as signals,’ she said.

In the comments she revealed neck pimples are due to issues in the lymphatic system. 

Pimples on the chin are typically hormonal and nothing to worry about, she said (stock image) 

While others asked what pimples on the tummy, jawline and back could mean for their overall health. 

Jen posts as ‘the present day wise woman’ on Instagram where she has 10,000 followers.

Her views are somewhat backed up by Healthline, where there is an article about face mapping .

A face mapping diagram appeared to support some of Jennifer’s claims

In the diagram it explains the forehead is often linked to digestive issues, as Jennifer alluded to in her video.

The space between the eyebrows is said to correspond with the liver, the temples with the kidneys and bladder and the mouth symbolises the stomach.

Face mapping has been used in China for 3000 years and has its roots in many naturopathy and acupunctural treatments.

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