Wild hog with ‘major attitude problem’ tore man ‘to pieces’ in horrifying attack

Wild hog with ‘major attitude problem’ tore man ‘to pieces’ in horrifying attack


The astonishing story of the British woman who fought off a crocodile to save her sister from a bloody end was a reminder that humans are capable of death defying feats against fearsome beasts.

Georgia Laurie, 28, defeated the 7ft croc, punching it several times after watching in horror as it tried to drag her twin Melissa into a 'death roll' in a Mexican river.

But it isn't just deadly predators humans need to be wary of – certain more unassuming animals are capable of carnage and pose just as much of a threat.

Ask Florida man James Dean. A professional pig trapper with more than 20 years in the business, he almost bled to death after getting into a scrap with a wild hog with a “major attitude problem”.

James, 59, had spent two decades catching and removing feral boars from people’s properties – but a routine call about an aggressive swine in October 2019 was almost fatal.

He told how the vicious 14st pig tore through his calf muscle and knee cap with its razor sharp tusks, took a chunk of flesh out of his arm, and almost blinded him.

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Speaking to local news, he said: "I was scared at one point, I’m not going to lie, because I’ve never had a pig attack me like this one did.”

If it wasn’t for the fast-thinking actions of his son Christian, he definitely would not have survived to tell the tale.

Even now, there is a chance he could lose both of his savaged legs to infection.

He said: "I’ve never had it happen to me in 20 years. I never had a problem and I dealt with bigger pigs that didn’t even give me that much of a problem.

"This pig had a major attitude problem.”

James was called to a property in Melbourne, Brevard Country, by a concerned father of two little girls.

The bolshy thick-haired pig had been worrying them, and local old folks, too.

As he tried to move the beast from the trap he had caught him in to a transporting cage on his truck, it began thrashing and throwing itself at the bars, and almost escaped.

James, his eyes hollow and haunted, told one news channel: "I was after a pig that was chasing two young girls and elderly people. If they had got hit by this pig it could have killed them.

"He started to get loose. All I could do is kick him back in. He grabbed me by the leg and he shredded my left calf and got underneath my kneecap and tore it up.

“He grabbed my right inner thigh and tore it to pieces.

"He kept on biting me apparently I fell back and I hit my head.”

Determined to take the cloven-hoofed pest off the streets, he battled on until it was caged, then climbed in to his truck and called his son who raced to his side to help.

Christian later recalled that his dad sounded very calm on the phone, making it even more of a shock to find him in the front seat of his blood-smeared truck bleeding to death and drifting in and out of consciousness.

James said his son’s quick thinking actions saved his life.

He explained: "He was the one that put the tourniquet on my legs and the paramedics told him he was the one that saved my life.

"They have told me if the infection is not kept under control I could lose my legs."

As James was rushed to the trauma ward of Holmes Regional Medical Center where he had operations on seven parts of his body, locals 'dispatched' the boar.

Hunters officially ended the brute hog’s reign of terror with three bullets fired in to it at close range.

It was the closest James has ever come to death, including the time he was bitten by a rattlesnake.

But the terrifying experience hasn’t put him off, and he vowed to continue in his work, more determined than ever to make a dent in the feral predator's increasing population.

He said: “I’m grateful it happened to me and not to a child or an elderly woman.”

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for James' medical care, and to cover his bills while he was too poorly to work.

Wild boar are also found in the UK, and like their US and European counterparts are incredibly dangerous.

They are most likely to attack if they encounter aggressive dogs, or when they are with their piglets, which are called ‘humbugs’ because they are small and stripey.

There are an estimated 4,000 of them in the UK, with over a quarter living in the Forest of Dean near Wales.

Countryfile also reports that there are pockets of pigs in West Dorset, North Devon and Somerset.

The wild pigs can grow to be 15st in weight, and 80cm high at the shoulder.

They have been responsible for killing pet dogs, and in January 2018 a man revealed one of the toothy fiends had bitten off the top of his finger.

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