Woman embraces her gap tooth – despite being urged by trolls to wear braces

Woman embraces her gap tooth – despite being urged by trolls to wear braces


A woman hit back at trolls who urged her to wear braces because of her gap tooth – and has chosen to embrace her set of gnashers instead.

Jen Marie has a beautiful natural smile, and is not afraid of flaunting her pearly whites – with the widening between her two front teeth on full show.

But not everyone has been so kind about the brunette’s choice to not seek help from the dentist to close the gap.

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In a TikTok clip that has racked up 1.6 million views, Jen shared a common comment she is told from those who think she should change her teeth.

“Why don’t you get braces? You’d look so much better,” trolls would swipe.

And, Jen revealed just what she would look like if she got braces thanks to a filter.

She gave a smile and shook her head as she grinned with a ‘straight’ set of teeth.

Jen then removed the filter to once again show off her dashing normal smile and declared that the manipulated teeth “look worse.”

Many people fled to the comments to agree with Jen, they remarked that her natural teeth suit her face – and looks gorgeous without any enhancements.

One person commented: “Your natural teeth just suit your face so much I love them.”

Another user added: “The gap is cute but the after brace ones are also cute! If you wanna fix it I promise it doesn't look bad lol.”

While a third person voiced: “I love the way your natural teeth look. They make you beautifully unique.”

Someone else praised: “Omg no I think it gives so much personality to have a different smile and it takes the right person to appreciate it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user expressed: “Nope stay the way you are… beautiful.”

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