Woman shares brutal text message from grandad, 91, about her love life

Woman shares brutal text message from grandad, 91, about her love life


A woman was left in stitches when her 91-year-old grandad asked about her love life in a brutal text message.

Megan Elizabeth shared the hilariously cheeky text on TikTok.

It read: "This is grandpa. I read an article that said if you do not find a life partner by 29, you most likely die alone.

"Your birthday is coming up in 3 months. Just wanted to let you know. Love, Grandpa."

She replied him simply saying "thanks".

And shortly another message came through her inbox, which it said: "Megan, This is grandpa. "I hope you are keeping the weight you lost off. Remember, heart disease runs in our family."

The pensioner signed off with the same: "Love, Grandpa."

Hoping to cut the conversation short, Megan reassured him and wrote back: "Yes. I am. Thank you and love you."

Her grandad was keen to keep the conversation going and couldn't help to express his concerns.

So he texted back and introduced himself, again, in the opening line, adding: "I hope you aren't drinking a lot. I saw on the news alcohol sales are sky high because millennial are depressed.

"Love you always, Grandpa."

He was also concerned about his granddaughter's safety online and asked her to "be careful" not to use TikTok.

At this point, Megan didn't want to complicate the matter and told him: "Hi grandpa. No I don't have a TikTok. Nothing to worry about. Love you."

Many viewers were touched by her grandad's moves and said it's the "cutest thing" they've seen online.

One commented: 'This is so cute. I love how he tells you who is texting."

"I love how he writes those messages as if he was writing a letter," a second noted and a third added: "He needs to be protected at all costs. You can tell he loves you, it's sweet."

Megan agreed and said "he's the best ever"

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