Woman shares unflattering snaps to show the bodies we are hide are normal

Woman shares unflattering snaps to show the bodies we are hide are normal


A woman has shared a selection of "unflattering" snaps to show that the parts of ourselves we usually hide are "normal" – including cellulite and wobbly bits.

Hannah Blackburn, 19, is a content creator who works to promote body positivity and document her eating disorder recovery.

She boasts over 21,000 followers on Instagram, and helps to build women's confidence with her relatable and inspiring posts.

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In a recent post she shared a selection of unflattering snaps to show that we shouldn't keep hiding the "normal" parts of ourselves.

She created an "Instagram v Reality" post where she compared a posed, staged photograph that she'd commonly post on Instagram to candid snaps that she doesn't usually share that revealed her tummy rolls, cellulite and the bigger parts of her body.

Hannah shared the pictures to remind people that Instagram is just a "highlight reel", and that we're not always exposed to the full picture of someone's life.

She said no one looks perfect, and we have to stop thinking these perfectly staged images are real.

Writing on Instagram, Hannah said: "I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SOCIAL MEDIA IS A HIGHLIGHT REEL!

"When you see pictures of perfectly posed people on here, please be MINDFUL and don’t compare yourself.

"For every photo you see on Instagram, there’s always so many little other things that you DON’T see; that including the, unposed and often deemed as the “unflattering” or “flawed” parts of a person, which are in fact all completely NORMAL parts of a HUMAN body.

"What you see on here are the 'best bits', and what that person wants you to see.

"NO ONE is perfect with the perfect life; just because a picture looks that way doesn’t mean it’s real!

"On social media, photos are constructed to look the best that they possibly can- posing, angles, lighting, editing, makeup etc, they all play into making the post (and person) seem 'perfect' but, trust me, they don’t look like that 24/7!

"No one and I mean NO ONE is perfect.

"We’re HUMAN and that’s something to be celebrated."

"Cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, texture, fat, scars, spots, a relaxed body; NONE of these things are bad or must be hidden at all costs, these are perfectly normal HUMAN features which instead of punishing ourselves for having, we should be trying to embrace.

"It’s OKAY to have them!"

She continued: "Unfortunately these things are something we’ve, over time, been taught to hide as we have been conditioned to see them as insecurities and 'flaws', but this just isn’t true!!

"We are NOT flawed or shameful for having these perfectly normal things, and I hope you reading this right now knows it also.

"You do not need to get rid of them or hide yourself away, they make you the wonderful person you are and guess what?

"We ALL have them. You are NOT alone.

"Just because someone doesn’t share their rolls, cellulite, stretch marks etc on social media doesn’t mean that they don’t have them!

"Of course, it’s okay to post your best shot but just remember that you’re only seeing one side to the person.

"Bodies change everyday and so do people!

"I don’t look the way I do in the left picture right now, I am sat on the sofa with my hair in a messy bun, zero makeup on and I’m in my PJs – nothing wrong with that."

Since Hannah shared the candid snaps many people have thanked her for being so honest.

Several people have liked the pictures, and many have thanked her for sharing her story so openly.

One person said: "Yes to this. So well said and you're so gorgeous too."

A second commented: "Nobody is Instagram perfect, but you are perfect just the way you are."

Meanwhile, a third added: "You are gorgeous just as you are. This is honestly so inspiring to read, and it really put it into perspective."


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