Woman showcases arms and legs after years covering up – despite death threats

Woman showcases arms and legs after years covering up – despite death threats


An influencer who used to feel uncomfortable showing off her arms and legs is refusing the hide them anymore.

Charlotte Price, 23, from London, is known for her body positivity content on Instagram.

She spoke exclusively to Daily Star about how her relationship with her body has changed – and how she isn’t letting the trolls win.

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“I was really insecure about my arms and legs growing up! I still sometimes struggle to be fully confident with my arms but I've just learnt to accept them, remain neutral to them and not put pressure on myself to feel positive towards them,” she said.

“It's sometimes impossible to feel fully positive or confident towards a part of your body when you've been ridiculed for it, or told by society that it's not 'flattering or pretty', so I like using the term body neutrality.

“[This means] you just see your body as something that helps you get through life rather than worrying about what it looks like to yourself and others.”

Charlotte believes that a lot of people’s self-hatred towards their bodies comes from the media – as young people mainly see slim bodies in advertising and online.

Even in successful and creative jobs, she says you see people with the same body type.

“If brands and big companies started to include diversity within body types then I think people would be able to embrace their own appearance more,” she explained.

“I genuinely feel like it would decrease eating disorder illnesses and leave young men and women in a happier place – allowing them to focus on their goals and what they're passionate about, rather than on their appearance.”

The content creator has received online death threats over the years, simply for being comfortable in the skin she’s in.

She previously told Daily Star: “People say that I promote obesity and comment the whale and pig emojis.

“Most of them I laugh at and brush off but sometimes if there's an influx, it can get me really down.

“The ‘promoting obesity’ one annoys me in particular though because the message I promote is to encourage others to embrace their bodies, no matter their shape and size, and to spend their time focusing on meaningful connections.”

The 23-year-old used to have a difficult relationship with her body thanks to the media, school and being surrounded by diet culture.

Thankfully over the years, she has learnt to love herself for exactly who she is and she’s never going back to the way she used to see herself.

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“I overcame my own insecurities by coming to the realisation that I wasn't put on Earth to 'look pretty' or 'thin' – it was to spend time with my family and friends, travel, do things I love to do,” she said.

“I also use affirmations which I know works for some and for others it doesn't.

“I used to criticise my legs for being too chunky and having stretch marks, but now I've changed the narrative. I see them as strong and help me get from one place to the next!”


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