Woman shows how easy it is to airbrush cellulite as perfection doesnt exist

Woman shows how easy it is to airbrush cellulite as perfection doesnt exist


A woman has shown how easy it is to airbrush cellulite in a bid to highlight that the perfect body "doesn't exist".

Isabella, known as spottylittlething to her over 15,000 Instagram followers, often works to create acne and body positive content.

She regularly posts candid, unedited snaps of her skin and body to show that beauty comes in all shapes, forms and sizes.

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In a recent post Isabella revealed just how easy it is to erase things like cellulite from pictures.

She did this by posting two identical images of herself side-by-side as she showed off her curves and legs in an underwear set.

One showed her legs looking smooth and shiny while the other exposed her real skin that embodied cellulite.

She simply captioned the images as "fake" and "real" to show how you can eliminate imperfections within the simple click of a button.

Isabella also posted a snap of her body from the "angle that scares her the most" to show how easy it is for bodies to look different from different positions.

Writing on Instagram, Isabella said: "Over the summer social media is full of filtered pics, little smoothing here, little shrinking there and you're comparing yourself to a body that doesn't exist.


"Swipe from some beautiful sights from Lake Como and the angle of my body that scares me to post the most."

Many people have praised Isabella for sharing the candid snaps, with many saying it's important for women of all shapes and sizes to wear a bikini.

Some people have also said she looked "gorgeous" as she posed for the natural snaps in attempt to defy beauty standards.

One person said: "This is the summer to wear the bikini", while another said: "You're gorgeous. Wow."

A third commented: "You're so beautiful."

Meanwhile a fourth made their feelings clear, by simply adding: "Real."


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