Woman shows reality of ‘before and after’ pics to show how fake Instagram can be

Woman shows reality of ‘before and after’ pics to show how fake Instagram can be


Body positive influencer and swimwear owner Karina Irby has urged her fans to stop comparing their bodies.

Australian stunner Karina boasts 1.2 million followers on Instagram and often posts confidence boosting content.

With sharing snaps of her ‘real’ body, the influencer is praised by many – and, her most recent post is not an exception to this.

Rocking a floral gym short and bra set, Karina shared side by side snaps.

In the left picture, Karina can be seen sticking her tongue out with the gym shorts hiked up to her waist to give her a more cinched figure.

But, in the snap on the right the blonde bombshell has lowered her shorts to below her hips, flaunting a fuller shape.

Although the influencer’s body looks different in the snaps, Karina has revealed that this is not a ‘before and after” post.

These pictures were taken only moments apart which shows that posing and how you wear your clothes can instantly change your body.

Karina captioned the post: “NOT A BEFORE AND AFTER.”

“Just a reminder to both women and men that female bodies can look like both, and it’s totally healthy and normal.”

“As women we need to stop comparing ourselves to picture one and embrace picture two.

She continued: “And some men need to realise that not all women look like picture one 24/7 and that picture two is not over weight and unattractive.”

“Everyone needs to be kinder to their bodies and to one another.”

“I get told I’m fat and unhealthy all the time, and I think it’s ridiculous.”

“No matter your size, if you’re living, breathing and having a life in this world you are privileged.”

Karina urged her followers: “Lap it up and try to make the most of every day.”

Inspired by the influencer’s honesty, many people fled to the comments to thank Karina.

One fan commented: “The champion we need, every single day.”

Another person added: “Thank you for this, Karina.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “You are SO beautiful!!”

Someone else remarked: “ I am only NOW learning to appreciate my body and LOVE my body for what it is! Thank you for your posts!”

As a fifth person praised: “Keep inspiring. You’re amazing and absolutely beautiful.”

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