Woman with eyelid piercing freaks out internet – but says its not painful

Woman with eyelid piercing freaks out internet – but says its not painful


A woman has left people feeling uneasy after showing her unique eyelid piercing up close to the camera, saying it's "not as bad as you think".

Meredith, from the US, has gone viral on TikTok after viewers noticed a gold hoop hanging on her eyelid and asked if it was pierced.

She answered in a video by pulling the piercing in an upward motion, which lifts the corner of her eyelid up.

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The 31-year-old reassured viewers that the piercing does not touch or rub her eye and just sits on the "indent".

"I've had it since 2011, I was 21 years old and I wanted to do a body modification as a form of self expression and I hadn't seen this on anybody else, so it felt unique and like my own, that's why I got it done," Meredith explains.

"It didn't hurt when he pierced it because he had it clamped but when he unclamped it and tried to push the jewellery through, that pinched quite a bit.

"It did stay swollen for a while afterwards so for a couple of months, I looked goofier than I do right now.."

Many people were left scratching their heads after wondering how she changed the piercing and if she could still apply makeup.

"Straight up I was really freaked out looking at it. But like, body mods all have the ability to make people squeamish,"one commented and a second said: "I feel like this is just going to end up really bad.

"Imagine if it gets caught on something and just rips your eyelid off like girl I can't even."

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Meredith said she has been very cautious when people come close at her and thankfully, she has never had any accidents.

"The optometrists say the piercing looks well taken care of, and if it starts to irritate me then I should take it out, which makes sense," she added.

“It’s never been infected either."


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