Zara clothes you should NEVER buy because they look 'cheap'

Zara clothes you should NEVER buy because they look 'cheap'


Revealed: the Zara clothes you should NEVER buy because they look ‘cheap’ according to an elegance coach – from imitation tweed to ‘shapeless’ shirts and shoes with fake gold detail

  • School of Affluence founder Anna Bey, 35, revealed what Zara clothes not to buy 
  • On her YouTube channel, she listed top garments that appeared cheap-looking 
  • Her suggestions included avoiding shoes with fake gold details and cheap prints 

An elegance coach has listed seven reasons that clothes from Zara ‘look cheap’ and advised women against ever buying imitation tweed or shoes with fake gold detail.

Anna Bey, 35, is a Swedish-born vlogger who boasts over 960,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she shares controversial tips and lifestyle choices she lives by that helped her bag a wealthy banker boyfriend. 

In her latest video, the ‘School of Affluence’ founder advises women to choose wisely when they are shopping in the popular high street store and not to buy any of the cheap-looking items she lists.

She listed seven specific traits that cheapen the garments’ appearance and told her followers to avoid fast fashion and purchase quality rather than quantity. 

1. Tweed imitation with gold buttons   

Anna says women should avoid Zara’s tweed imitation clothing if they want to look expensive, using a black and white crop top as an example. 

She said: ‘One thing that I will never purchase from Zara is kind of their tweeds imitation. Like you see here, this tweed doesn’t even look like tweed. Do you know what it looks like? Something you wipe the floors with. 

‘Thin tweed is something Zara does a lot and they’ve been doing it for years and years. I remember even this from my days when I didn’t use to have any money and I used to buy something like this because I thought it would look more expensive. 

‘But in reality, this is a walking commercial for Zara, because this is what they’re really known for, this type of fabric.’

2. Shoes with gold details   

She also demonstrated what it was about the items that cheapen their appearance saying that shoes with ‘plastic looking gold’ is a dead giveaway that you are wearing fast-fashion

The next thing the vlogger listed was shoes with ‘plastic-looking gold’ detail on the front, claiming it is a dead giveaway that you are wearing fast-fashion. 

‘This is [a] mega cheap look,’ she said. ‘I would easily wear these shoes without this whole gold stuff going on because these shoes are okay.

‘So they would actually not necessarily look like a pair of Zara shoes. But then, Zara  just downgraded the whole shoe by adding these types of details.’ 

3. Shorts with huge gold buttons and uneven stitches   

The third item she advised women not to choose was shorts with large ‘fake’ gold buttons on the front and also said to avoid outward stitching as it is ‘uneven’ and ‘unattractive’

Anna revealed that she would never wear shorts with large ‘fake’ gold buttons and said to avoid outward stitching is ‘uneven’ and ‘unattractive’.

She said: ‘Do you see those horrendous big fake gold buttons? Very cheap-looking because it’s fake gold or obviously nobody’s going to wear real gold buttons. 

‘And the problem with these is that they’re quite big in your face. So for this reason, this is not a good look.

‘What’s really unattractive with these shorts is how they are made, because when you look at them, you can see stitching poking out, this stripe that is not going straight, it kind of wobbles a little bit. 

‘And anything that wobbles, it really does look cheap and it’s very common with fast fashion items.’

4. Cheap-looking prints    

The School of Affluence founder was strongly critical of the latest fashion trend of what she called  ‘cheap-looking prints’ and demonstrated the look with two dresses from Zara

The elegance coach showed two examples of dresses with what she considered to be ‘cheap-looking prints’.

She said: ‘Seriously, put on this on a date, do you think the guy is going to want to marry you? I don’t think so.

‘We need to talk about trends right now because I stepped into Zara to buy all these items. And what did I see? Horrible print, ugly print, horrendous print, terrible print after print after print. 

‘It was really hard to find nice looking prints in Zara. I did find [some] but the majority was really repulsive if I can be honest with you.’

5. Black mini-skirt made of thin wobbly fabric with poor stitching 

Anna advised her followers to purchase quality rather than quantity and held up a black mini skirt from Zara as an example of a cheap skirt with thin wobbly fabric and poor stitching

Next, Anna held up a black mini skirt from Zara to demonstrate how the style is let down by its uneven stitching that makes it appear cheap. 

‘The problem with the fabric that are synthetic like this, it’s very stretchy, which is actually a good thing, but it’s very kind of thin and very wobbly,’ she said.

‘And if we pay close attention to here, we can see that the stitching looks awful. It looks very uneven. 

‘Nothing is straight. And with the wobbly and thin fabric, it just adds on. So something like this will look incredibly cheap.’

6. Blazer made of thin, cheap, easily wrinkled material  

Anna revealed that she would not recommend buying blazers from Zara as the fabric is thin and wrinkles easily, making it look cheap

The School of Affluence founder advised women that she would not recommend buying blazers from Zara because the fabric is thin and wrinkles easily.

Anna said: ‘Many people buy blazers from Zara and they forget how cheap their blazers actually look.  

‘I would not wear a blazer like this because the fabric is not very suitable for a blazer. It’s again, too thin and too cheap. Plus the problem is it wrinkles crazily, meaning that when you wear a blazer like this with a little bit of movement, you’re going to be instantly looking all wrinkly. 

‘And it just gives away that a blazer is cheaply made because a good blazer would not just wrinkle like this.’

7. Shapeless bulky shirts and dresses   

Anna donned a ‘shapeless’ green shirt as her seventh item that she would avoid buying in Zara, saying women are better off wearing more shapely items of clothing to attract men

Finally the vlogger chose an oversized sage green shirt as her seventh item that she would avoid buying in Zara, saying women are better off wearing more shapely items of clothing to attract men.

‘If you browse [in] the stores, you realize why is the store so filled up with shapeless balloon-like cuts of clothing?’ she said. ‘This is not flattering on anyone unless you are pregnant.

‘But they basically sell these type of cuts for women who have no idea how to dress, how to style themselves. And of course, women are just going to look worse even if let’s say, they have something they want to hide, maybe they have a bit of stomach or they’re a bit plus-sized etc. 

‘When you put on something like this that looks like a tent, you’re going to look so much worse than if you try enhance your figure, try to create a bit of a shape or silhouette for yourself. 

‘This is not attractive and no man will ever be turned on by a woman who wears something like this.’

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