5 big theories as to why Janine Butcher is back on EastEnders

5 big theories as to why Janine Butcher is back on EastEnders


Charlie Brooks’s return to EastEnders as Janine Butcher may be the most highly anticipated soap comeback of the year.

But little is yet known about why wicked Janine is resurfacing in Walford for the first time since 2014.

So, with speculation mounting, here are our big theories as to why Janine could once again be rocking up in the neighbourhood.

She’s Rocky’s secret wife

Terry ‘Rocky’ Cant’s past remains shrouded in mystery.

We’re aware that he’s made a lot of money since his relationship with Carol ended, but not much else is known about what he’s been up to prior to establishing contact with his long-lost daughter Sonia.

But what if at least some of that cash came from a marriage to Janine? Rocky could have wed her without knowing of her links to Albert Square.

In fact, things may have soured quickly between the two of them, the result being a messy break-up followed by the issuing of divorce papers. Only, Janine never signed the documents and now she’s back to take Rocky to the cleaners. Oh, and there’s also the not-insignificant matter of her also being Sonia’s step-mum.

She causes the fire and explosion at the end of summer

Metro.co.uk revealed recently that EastEnders will have an incendiary start to the autumn thanks to a fire and explosion that have only just been filmed on the soap’s set at BBC Elstree. With the stunt set to feature alongside Janine’s return to Walford, what’s the betting that she somehow sparks the disaster?

One scenario could see Janine flag down one of Kat’s new cabs after getting on the wrong side of some particularly menacing armed London gangsters. Recognising Kat’s voice on the switch, a desperate Janine orders the driver to take her to Walford, thinking that Kat could provide safe shelter. But the villains are in pursuit and when gunfire breaks out in the Square, a potentially deadly chain of events are set in motion that result in a fireball – and the possibility of lives being lost…

She’s back to save her daughter Scarlett

Sonny Kendall is the latest actor to be playing Kat’s son Tommy Moon, and when soap kids get recast, it usually means one thing: a big storyline is heading their way.

And when you think about it, Tommy provides Janine with one of her few blood links to the Square. Both he and her daughter Scarlett share a father – the psychopathic Michael Moon, who was knifed to death by Janine back in November 2013. So, what if Janine’s little girl – who would now by nine-years-old – were ill and the only way she can be saved is if Tommy donates maybe bone marrow or blood?

Any risks involved in the operation would leave Kat with a conundrum: does she jeopardise Tommy’s future for Scarlett’s sake? Janine may be poisonous, but her daughter is completely innocent, so what decision would Kat end up making?

She’s going to run Ruby’s nightclub

Actress Louisa Lytton is, of course, pregnant and is scheduled to go on maternity leave later this year. But what will Ruby do about her business – the nightclub Ruby’s at No 4 Turpin Road?

After deciding that her relationship with Martin has become too focused on their problems with conceiving a baby, Ruby cool perhaps decide that she needs some time away. But with potential managers for her club thin on the ground in the neighbourhood, Ruby decides to bring in an outside company to look after things in her absence.

Enter Janine, who arrives in town claiming that she’s there merely to provide cover at the club. But pretty soon, she’s making changes – first, when she brings Billy in as a dogsbody to use and abuse, but also when she starts concocting secret plans to steal the club and make it part of her portfolio. At this rate, Ruby may not have a business to return to at all.

She’s been in prison with Stacey

Then there’s the possibility of Janine having fallen on hard times and losing what money she had. After landing herself in prison, Janine has found that there’s a familiar face on the same wing as her: Stacey, who’s just been handed a one-year sentence.

Could Stacey and Janine be making their comebacks at the same time? What if despite their somewhat fractious relationship in the past (OK, that’s a massive understatement!), the pair had formed a surprisingly strong bond in jail?

They could return as a double act that nobody saw coming and are now a real force to be reckoned with in Walford…

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