A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies leaves guest in tears with emotional reunion

A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies leaves guest in tears with emotional reunion


A Place in the Sun: House hunters reunited with friends

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Danni Menzies, 32, was on hand to help Wendy and Chris find their dream holiday home in the Spanish region of Mojacar on the repeat episode of A Place in the Sun. With a budget of £180,000, the pair explained they did not want to live in the property full-time but rather use it somewhere to make a getaway to. They were encouraged by their friends to make the investment and they were not expecting to see them during their search with the presenter on the Channel 4 show, leading to a rather emotional reunion.

The first property on the market was part of a 48-property complex, with the apartment Danni was going to show them being on the first floor.

It boasted three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with access to a communal pool shared by all residents on the complex.

Secure parking was also available and the beach was a 10-15 minute walk away from the location, which was something the couple wanted for their holiday home.

Sharing their first impressions, Chris said they were “relatively impressed” but stated they would put more modern furniture in the property.

Realising it might not have been the home her guests were looking for, Danni showed them a large roof terrace.

Wendy and Chris liked what they saw but the presenter could sense the pair were “holding back” and as they viewed the property, the couple couldn’t hold back their disappointment.

Although it was on the market for £174,000, Wendy admitted she “wasn’t getting the feeling” she wanted from her holiday home.

It ticked a lot of boxes but the pair told Danni it wouldn’t be a contender so the property expert proceeded with the second viewing.

On the market for £178,000, the home had a private pool and although there wasn’t much difference in the price from the previous, there was a lot more space.

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, there was also a roof terrace that looked onto the Spanish mountain landscape.

She’s all excited

Danni Menzies

There were also stunning views of the sea but the couple said they would need to make come changes, although it looked very modern.

The couple explained they were going to make it a contender and it wasn’t long before they went to look at property number three.

On the market for £189,000, Danni found the couple an ultra-modern property that was brand-new and no one had lived in before.

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, it ticked a lot of the guest’s boxes but there was not a lot of outdoor space.

Instead, there was a private pool and the presenter explained it didn’t come furnished which the couple liked.

By the end of the viewing, they were willing to buy the property but the presenter still had two homes to show them.

Before they went to see property number four, Danni arranged for the pair to be reunited with their friends who lived in the area and had encouraged them to purchase their own holiday home.

It was clear the couple had no idea what was going to happen as Wendy burst into tears when she saw her friends walk through the door.

As the men shook hands, the two women hugged each other, with Wendy seen wiping away the tears as she tried to explain why she was so emotional.

“They’re my bestest friends,” the guest remarked, with Danni adding: “She’s all excited,” and after the tearful reunion, they headed off to the next viewing.

Property number four was on the market for £145,000 and was a lot more traditional than the previous one the couple had seen.

With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the couple said they would need to update the home although they liked there was a private pool at the back of the house.

Although it wasn’t ultra-modern, the pair explained to Danni they were going to make it a contender and rule out property number two.

As the presenter had one final card to play, she took them to property number five and unfortunately, the couple weren’t convinced.

Looking around the property on the market for £151,000, the couple were not getting the right feeling and ruled it out almost immediately.

When she sat down with the guests the next day, Danni learnt they weren’t going to put an offer in on any of the properties.

They did really like the third home the presenter showed them but with the complex still being built, they weren’t sure if they wanted to invest if the surroundings were going to look different.

The location was also too far away from the town centre as they would have needed to drive rather than walk.

Danni explained the pair were going to make another visit to the area to make more visits but they still had not bought any by the time the credits rolled.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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