Adrian Dunbar’s top 5 Tedisms from Line of Duty

Adrian Dunbar’s top 5 Tedisms from Line of Duty


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Adrian Dunbar is best known for his role as Ted Hastings in the popular police drama, Line of Duty. Season six will be coming to an end this Sunday, May 2, and it will be a bitter-sweet moment for fans. To keep the mood light, has compiled a list of the most classic Tedisms from the series.

Top 5 Tedisms from Line of Duty

‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey’

This season six line from Ted Hastings will go down in history as one of the most memorable yet.

The hilarious quote was taken from a lengthy interview between AC-12 and DCI Joanne Davidson (played by Kelly Macdonald).

She had been held in police custody following the death of PC Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper) and she took the fall for Kate Flemming (Vicky McClure).

While members of AC-12 were trying to get answers out of Davidson, she kept replying with “no comment”.

Frustrated by her lack of co-operation, an exasperated Hastings let out the iconic phrase.

‘Going like the clappers’

Hastings has used this line on many occasions and fans are still trying to understand what it means.

He most recently used the saying in season six, after Davidson abandoned an operation to investigate an armed robbery.

Hastings said: “That convoy was going like the clappers. You’d do well to spot a pipe band in there.”

The phrase means going very fast or very hard, and it originated from Royal Air Force slang during the Second World War

If something is being carried out in a vigorous way, this saying would be rather fitting.

‘Sucking on Deisel’

Hastings uses this phrase as an alternative to the classic ‘cooking on gas’ saying.

He makes this statement whenever the gang comes close to finding a new lead, or they have uncovered some important evidence.

The Irish phrase means things are going exceptionally well and it has become one of his best-loved Tedisms.

Fans have used the saying as a Twitter hashtag when referencing moments from the series.

One viewer joked: “I’m trying to incorporate Ted’s lines into my everyday life. Already got ‘Sucking on Diesel’ into a works call.”

‘Mother of God’

This is possibly Hastings’ most-used saying in the series and it tends to mean a revelation has come to pass.

Dunbar revealed the popular line was actually inspired by his late father, who used to say it all the time.

He told the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast: “He would say, ‘Mother of God’ all the time. He used to just say ‘Mother’ and we know what he meant.”

Fans have started creating drinking games, during which they take a drink every time he says the phrase.

One viewer joked on Twitter: “I stubbed my toe on the door yesterday and shouted MOTHER OF GOD so I guess that now makes me Ted Hastings.”


Hastings has a tendency to refer to everyone as ‘fella’, no matter how he is associated with them.

He did not start using the term until season three when it became a regular word in his vocabulary.

One fan said on Twitter: “Ted Hastings is the absolute fella! #LineOfDuty”

One of his lines was: “Why did you keep firing? Were you losing it out there, fella?”

Another was: “I think you should sit down fella, or I will handcuff you to that desk”.

Line of Duty season 6 comes to an end on Sunday, May 2 on BBC One.

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