’After We Fell’ Is Finally On Netflix and You’re Going to Want to See It ASAP

’After We Fell’ Is Finally On Netflix and You’re Going to Want to See It ASAP


Time to put down your very battered copy of After We Fell , because the third film in the After series has been out! The wait between the sequel, After We Collided, and Tessa and Hardin’s latest story wasn’t long, but it did feel like a lifetime compared to other countries as the film had another stacked release.

Unfortunately for fans in the U.S. of A, that meant we had to wait longer than our friends in Europe and other places to finally see Hessa steam things up on our screens again. So before you freak out and DM the group chat to coordinate a watch party, you’re going to want all the deets about how to watch the movie. Luckily for you, we’ve got all the answers.

Here’s how to watch After We Fell.

Where can I watch After We Fell at home?

After a bit of a wait due to its big theatrical release, fans can now watch Tess and Hardin back on their TV screens. Netflix announced that After We Fell is now available on the streamer starting January 17! Fans can choose to watch all three movies on Netflix for the ultimate After series marathon.

If you want to buy the movie though, it’s also available for purchase on video on demand in various sites including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Can I still watch After We Fell in theaters?

If you’re open to going back to a movie theater to watch After We Fell, then you can totally check out showtimes and tickets on Fandango to see if it’s still playing near you.

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