Alison Hammond in hysterics but viewers fuming at ‘selfish’ charity handbag story

Alison Hammond in hysterics but viewers fuming at ‘selfish’ charity handbag story


Alison Hammond was left crying with laughter on This Morning, as her co-star Dermot O'Leary exposed her false claims about making a selfless donation to charity.

On Friday's show, 20 October, the pair chatted about discovering forgotten cash in pockets and bags, leading Alison into a bogus claim about giving money to charity, that Dermot called her out on.

Alison said: "I did find a note the other day. I was coming out of a carpark and I was walking and I looked at the floor and thought, Tthat looks like a £20 note'.

"It was. I picked it up and I donated it to charity…thank you so very much."

Dermot pulled a face at the camera and said: "Hang on… when you say you donated it to charity…" as Alison tried to move the discussion on to another of the day's headlines with guests Gyles Brandreth and Sonia Sodha.

He mouthed at the camera: "She didn't donate it to charity," and refused to let it go as he asked Alison: "You went to the charity shop, and what happened?"

Alison burst out laughing and Dermot said: "Tell the truth. God's watching. Tell the truth. What happened?"

Bake Off star Alison cried with laughter as she said to Dermot: "I'm never telling you anything again!"

Dermot explained the true story as he said: "She went to the charity shop and she bought a handbag for £15 and she kept the £5."

A laughing Alison admitted: "And I did buy some sweets with that. They were charity sweets."

"I am really, really grateful for everything that God gives me," she added. "For finding the money that bought the charity bag. It was a lovely bag."

But viewer opinion was divided over Alison's charity story, as some people found it hilarious while others were shocked by it.

One viewer commented: "What charity was it the Alison Hammond charity."

Another outraged viewer wrote: "I think that's bloody disgusting that selfish greedy rich Alison Hammond just lied that she donated £20 that she found to charity. She wouldn't have owned up if Dermot hadn't caught her out."

A fan tweeted: "Only watch when these two are on @radioleary @AlisonHammond. So sparky, funny and natural together. Cracked up over the 'Charity £20 note'. Best laugh of the week. Brilliant. Careful who you divulge your secrets to Alison!"

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