All the Love Is Blind Reunion Bombshells, from a Threat of Divorce to Shocking Reconciliations


For two couples in Netflix’s dating experiment, love really was blind. After meeting in the pods and getting engaged sight unseen following just days of talking on Love Is Blind, Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett tied the knot. Three couples — Damian and Giannina, Kenny and Kelly, and Jessica and Mark — said, “I don’t.” Diamond and Carlton didn’t even make it to their wedding day, and there were two other couples who got engaged whose journeys weren’t followed on the series.

The six pairs featured joined hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey for a reunion to give an update on where they are now (Love Is Blind filmed in fall 2018) and reflect on their time on the show. Both couples who wed on the series remain married (!!), and Damian and Giannina continue to date. While Kenny is in a relationship with someone new outside of the show, all the other participants remain single.

Here’s what happened when the 12 Love Is Blind contestants sat under one roof again.

Amber called out Jessica

They both got serious with Barnett in the pods, and Jessica couldn’t help but still think about him even after getting engaged to Mark. “To see her throwing herself at him in Mexico, bitch, you’re shysty, you’re so fake,” Lauren said to Jessica. “Coming to my face like we were cool, you were so fake. I think you were a very disingenuous person and I hope seeing this, you do grow from it because that is what the world needs is women that go behind each other’s backs like that. You were engaged to another man that you were leading on.”

Jessica admitted she “didn’t take that very well” after being rejected by Barnett. “I do definitely owe a major apology to you Amber and Barnett, who I super respect them both,” Jessica said. “I respect their relationship and definitely was not good of me to even ever question that. I apologize.”

Amber appreciated the sentiment but couldn’t forgive Jessica. “I accept the intent behind the apology,” she said. “I can’t be fully there yet.”

Mark wished Jessica had been honest with him, too, about her feelings for Barnett. “I thought we cleared the air about that, if you still had like whatever, reoccurring feelings of how Barnett or anybody else that was in the experience,” Mark told Jessica. “I feel like that could’ve been an obstacle we could’ve talked about and tackled together.”

Carlton got down on one knee again

Carlton waited until after getting engaged to Diamond to open up to her about dating men in the past. When he did tell her during their time in Mexico, Diamond had some questions. But before they could talk things out, the two exploded at each other and left Mexico single. During the reunion, though, Carlton expressed that he wished he’d told Diamond about his sexuality sooner.

“I would’ve done whatever it takes to be sitting on the couch as happy as these people, even these people,” Carlton said, gesturing towards the couples in relationships. “I would’ve done whatever it took had I known then that that’s what it took to sit here happily married.”

Carlton and Diamond revealed they had started talking again after filming, but the dancer said she could never get romantic with her ex-fiancé again.

“I always felt like a man should always have his woman’s back,” Diamond said. “We couldn’t even have an open communication just to be able to say, hey this is me, let’s move forward, let’s move past this, and just this disrespect to myself, I could never probably let that go and move past that.”

But Carlton hoped to create “something beautiful throughout the darkness” with Diamond — and got down on one knee with a ring box. He presented her with the engagement ring he gave her the first time around and said, “I’m going to get down one knee and just apologize again at eye level and I hope that you take this ring again as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful, without any type of plan or like, this is our plan of action.”

Diamond accepted the friendship ring and his apology. “I do forgive you,” she told Carlton.

Kelly said she and Kenny agreed ahead of time to say ‘I don’t’

They struggled with their physical relationship, and Kelly worried in the end that she and Kenny didn’t have a deep connection, so she ultimately didn’t want to marry Kenny when the time came. But there was more to that decision than viewers saw.

“I think with Kenny and my relationship, I think we both agreed to an ‘I don’t’ way before the wedding,” Kelly revealed, adding that she hoped for a more “conventional” path to the alter.

Kelly hoped she and Kenny would be able to continue dating after their wedding. “I did love you,” she told Kenny. “I was not in love with you as we mentioned, but I did love you and I wanted to continue our journey of dating and getting to know one another and that didn’t happen.” Kenny is now in another relationship.

Amber and Barnett revealed they almost called it quits

Between Amber relying on Barnett financially and both of them learning how to operate in a new relationship, their marriage hit some snags. “I, at one, point actually called about potentially getting the divorce lawyer,” Amber admitted. “I was like, this isn’t working.”

Barnett called himself “a stubborn a—hole,” and Amber agreed she had a temper as well.

“Seeing how we both are so stubborn and strong-minded and bull-headed, when we butt heads it could be bad, it could be intense,” she said. “Figuring out how to handle that it made a huge difference for us.”

Cameron and Lauren shared a new addition to their family

“We have a fur baby!” Lauren gushed. “Life is good.”

Cameron added that getting a dog “was in our marriage agreement.”

As for real babies: “We’re definitely excited,” Lauren said. “We’ve already talked about like, our kids can look like anything from this to this, it can be Drake, it can be Barack Obama’s child! Who knows? So we are just… one day.”

Love Is Blind is streaming now on Netflix.

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