'American Horror Stories': Fans Expect This Iconic Character From 'Murder House' to Return

'American Horror Stories': Fans Expect This Iconic Character From 'Murder House' to Return


Those familiar with Ryan Murphy’s work know all about American Horror Story. Now, viewers of the last nine seasons of the show have something new to look forward to. American Horror Stories is the new anthology spinoff from the creator who brought you the creepy original series. And fans predict this one character from Murder House will have a spot on the new show.

Here’s the cast for the first 2 episodes of ‘American Horror Stories’

Each season of American Horror Story featured a new story every season, and Murphy chose to keep many of the same actors around again and again. But he’s changing things up for American Horror Stories. The new series features a new story in each episode. Despite its new concept, it looks like we’ll see plenty of overlap in terms of storyline and characters — especially with Murder House, the first season of the original series.

A post on the new show’s official Instagram noted the cast for the first two episodes. Matt Bomer will play Michael, Gavin Creel plays Troy, Sierra McCormick plays Scarlett, Paris Jackson plays Maya, Belissa Escobedo plays Shanti, Kaia Gerber plays Ruby, Aaron Tveit plays Adam, Merrin Dungey plays Dr. Andi Grant, Ashley Martin Carter plays Rowena, Selena Sloan plays Erin, and Valerie Loo plays Nicole.

The first episode of the American Horror Stories is titled “Rubber Woman,” which appears to be a nod to the Rubber Man from Murder House. The preview, as available on Hulu, shows a woman in the rubber suit staring down a series of hallways and seeing a number of creepy images and characters. Additionally, it looks like the Rubber Woman is in the Murder House.

Fans think this iconic character from the original series will return

Aside from the Rubber Man (or woman, in this case), it seems there will be plenty of additional nods in American Horror Stories to the original season of American Horror Story. And fans think Moira O’Hara will return.

Moira was the housekeeper in Murder House, and her most distinct feature was her missing eye. Viewers likely remember Moira’s backstory, too. She began working for Constance and Hugo Langdon when she was a much younger housekeeper, but she developed a sexual relationship with Hugo. However, one altercation was not consensual between the two. Constance walked in on the attempted assault, mistook it for consensual, and shot Moira in the eye, killing her. Moira’s ghost later haunted the home.

Reddit users noticed the AHS Instagram posted a fake obituary for Moira on their Instagram Stories. Given the timing of the post and the repeated theme of Murder House in the new series, fans think it’s a sign we’ll see Moira again in Stories.

AHS IG obituary hint???” a fan on Reddit questioned.

“I’d be surprised, but not shocked,” another wrote. “Last we saw Moira she was freed from the house, but then again, Mallory changed the course of history, so I guess she’s still stuck there. Based on the trailer, we get to see more of Thaddeus and Piggy Man, so hopefully, we’ll see more familiar faces.”

When will ‘American Horror Stories’ air?

So, when can fans finally get to see the premiere of American Horror Stories? The first episode airs July 15, 2021, on Hulu and FX. As stated before, it seems the first episode will focus on the Rubber Woman. And Dylan McDermott, one of the main actors from Murder House, is also slated to return for the new series. Fans may remember he was involved with the Rubber Man situation when it was first introduced.

Fans looking to brush up on their Murder House lore should dive back into American Horror Story Season 1 once again. Hulu and Netflix have all nine seasons of the original series available for streaming.

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