Antiques Road Trip expert's jaw drops as tiny vase sells for DOUBLE what he paid for it

Antiques Road Trip expert's jaw drops as tiny vase sells for DOUBLE what he paid for it


ANTIQUES ROAD TRIP expert Steven Moore was left stunned after selling a tiny vase for double the price he paid for it.

Steven was joined by fellow expert Angus Ashworth as they visited north Dundee in Scotland for the final leg of their trip.

While there, the expert managed to nab himself a tiny snowdrop vase, which he purchased in an antique shop for £25.

Explaining just how "precious" the vase looked, Steven said: "Sometimes the clue to what something is for is hidden in plain sight.

"Now this isn’t a glass, it’s far too thin. Goodness me, you can hardly get anything in that. 

“It’s decorated on the inside, with like snow coming down, and that’s clue number one. The other side has this lovely little hand-painted scene of a boy throwing a snowball – that’s clue number two. 

“This is a snowdrop vase. So you can imagine in a cold Victorian house, when you think of the worst bit of a Charles Dickens novel, that it was cold. 

“So snowdrops to the Victorians were much more precious than they are to us. It was the first heralding of spring, and the first little thing of hope."

The item later went up for auction, and Steven was thrilled when bidding started at £35.

The precious vase eventually sold for £50 – double the price the expert had paid for it.

Reflecting on the nifty purchase, Angus said: "Good result, double bubble. Well, I think they have good taste [in Scotland]."

Meanwhile, fellow expert Angus didn't have quite as much look as Steven after taking a gamble on a Victorian gold stockbroker pencil that cost him a total of £350. 

Unfortunately, it didn't pay off after selling for £250, leaving the expert £100 out of pocket.

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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