BBC Breakfast host forced to make correction after reporting ‘wrong information’

BBC Breakfast host forced to make correction after reporting ‘wrong information’


BBC Breakfast: Charlie and Naga rectify incorrect reporting

BBC Breakfast hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were forced to correct wrong information that had been given earlier in the show.

At the beginning of Thursday’s instalment, viewers heard more about the NHS consultant strikes which are expected to last 48 hours.

BBC’s health correspondent Dominic Hughes revealed the average price of a worker in this sector, although later on in the show it was revealed the figure he had read wasn’t correct.

Addressing the error, Naga said: “Just need to correct some wrong information in a report that we’ve been running this morning about the latest consultant strike in England.”

Charlie added: “Yes, the BBC’s health correspondent mistakenly said the average salary of a consultant in England is £212,000.

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“The actual correct figure is £121,226, so that is a correction.”

It wasn’t long before fans watching were quick to pick up on the mistake as they were less than impressed with the BBC’s lack of fact-checking.

@onesimongarner commented: “You just said NHS consultants earn £212000 per year. Did Mr Barclay give that figure? Pay is between £93666 and £126281. Please correct this.”

With @GrandadPhil12 adding: “How did the BBC get consultants average pay so wrong? Out by £100,000 is ridiculous.”

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@NanaRavers fumed: “#bbcbreakfast put out hugely wrong Consultant pay, upped it by £100k. Not good enough, those who didn’t catch correction or realise the mistake will quote it.”

With @MPgardiner tweeted: “What strikes me as misleading statistics on consultant pay on #BBCBreakfast this morning As we begin #ConsultantStrike this morning please note @TheBMA quote starting salary at 88,364.” (sic)

During the segment, Dominic spoke to intensive care consultant Dr. Indeewar Kapila about the upcoming strike action.

He said: “Doctors are having to strike with their backs against the wall, it’s not something they want to do.

“We’ve faced a significant pay cut over the last 15 years of nearly 35 percent.

“So, the workload, if anything, has increased and we’re effectively doing 3-4 months of work free of charge every year.”

According to the NHS’s official website, the strikes will bring almost all routine care to a standstill.

However, they’re advising people to call 999 in life-threatening emergencies and NHS 111 online for other health concerns.

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6am.

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