Being mum-shamed doesn’t bother me – I’ll happily have a glass of wine while breastfeeding, says Katherine Ryan | The Sun

Being mum-shamed doesn’t bother me – I’ll happily have a glass of wine while breastfeeding, says Katherine Ryan | The Sun


KATHERINE Ryan has admitted the mum-shaming she receives online far from bothers her, after being trolled for drinking a glass of wine.

The mum-of-three, who recently welcomed adorable daughter Fenna, took to Instagram with a picture album of her week in February, and social media purveyors noticed a large glass of an alcoholic beverage in a flute that looked like either white wine or Champagne.

After receiving backlash, Katherine, 39, has since hit back and said she’s “very comfortable” about being at the centre of controversy.

She told The Sun: “It doesn’t bother me at all. I’m going to be 40 this year and I just do whatever I want to do, regardless of anyone else’s opinion and I think I’ve been that way probably since I was about four.

“I would never put my children at risk and I certainly never drank while I was pregnant because it’s a different thing and blood alcohol is shared with the baby.

“But I think it’s important to open up a conversation about breast feeding and say that your breast milk is not made from the contents of your stomach and there’s less alcohol in it than there is in a banana.”

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In a message to those who hit out at her online, the 39-year-old added: “Maybe if another mum hears me say that – even though it’s been brought up because of controversy – if she hears the science then actually maybe you can relax and have a glass of wine with your girlfriends and have a, quote on quote, normal life again.

“It might make a new mum open to breast feeding for six months longer or feel less shame herself. I love any time there’s controversy because there’s usually a conversation to be had and people are very passionate about how they raise their children, and that’s because we love our kids so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Comments Katherine received after sharing a picture of a glass of wine included: Enough with the wine drinking whilst still breast feeding. I couldn't care less about statistics about percentages. Alcohol isn't healthy for adults…nevermind babies."

Another said: “Is that a glass of Sauvignon with breakfast?”

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Katherine hit back at the first user and said: "My small children are smart enough to slowly explain to you why it’s fine."

As well as little Fenna, Katherine is a mum to a daughter named Violet, 13, from a previous relationship, as well as son Fred, who will turn two in June, who she shares with husband Bobby Kootstra.

She also opened up on the way her fame has impacted eldest daughter Violet, and said: “Violet has known who I am since maybe five years old. She totally gets it and gets that not everyone is on TV, but for a time she thought everyone was on TV because everyone we knew was on TV.

“Now she sees the advantages as well as the disadvantages.”

Katherine’s daughter told her mum she didn’t think her teacher liked her, due to her mum’s fame.

Katherine continued: “She has said to me ‘I think my teacher is harder on me because he doesn’t like you.’ I was like, ‘well that’s entirely possible.’

“There are going to be disadvantages with me being on TV but there are also going to be advantages.

“She knows the advantages – sometimes you get to fly to amazing places and go to cool things but the disadvantage is that you’re kind of under a microscope because other people’s parents or your teachers might know who I am. She likes it overall I think.”

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