Beth Dutton Yellowstone: How old is Beth Dutton?

Beth Dutton Yellowstone: How old is Beth Dutton?


Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly got death threats for role of Beth Dutton

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Yellowstone has been airing on The Paramount Network for four seasons, with a fifth due this November. Over the course of the drama, fans have come to love the fiery Dutton daughter, Beth (played by Kelly Reilly). has all you need to know about how old Beth is.

How old is Beth Dutton?

Beth is a force to be reckoned with in the Western melodrama and she has also been through the wringer herself.

In the latest episodes, she tied the knot with her one true love, Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), in her own unique way.

She is still struggling to forgive her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) for the pain he caused her as a child.

After he approved her sterilization treatment without telling her, their relationship would never be the same.

Beth is seen in flashbacks to her childhood throughout the series, with Kylie Rogers playing the 90s Beth.

Beth was born on July 18, 1984, making her 38 years old at the time of writing.

Kelly Reilly is embracing her inner youth for the role, as she is actually seven years older in real life.

The 45-year-old actress was born in 1977, but fans may be interested to hear she shares the same birth date as her character.

Kelly too was born on July 18, meaning she is more connected to her character than fans may think.

Beth was born into a ranching family and before her father John (Kevin Costner) inherited the ranch, his ancestors had already settled in the Yellowstone vicinity.

The ranch’s origin story has been told in the successful prequel series, 1883.

When Beth was just 13, she witnessed her mother die after she fell off her horse during a ride.

Once she hit the ground, her horse fell on her and crushed her, and Beth was blamed for her untimely demise.

As a teenager, Beth continued to face the trials and tribulations of adolescence as she met Rip.

The pair ended up sleeping together and Beth fell pregnant, turning to her brother Jamie for help.

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But Jamie, who was still very young himself, was not best placed to handle the situation as he could not be the mother figure Beth needed.

After speaking to the staff at the family planning centre, he agreed for Beth to be sterilized and never told her.

Once she found out she could never have children naturally, she could never forgive Jamie.

Actress Kelly has given some insight into what fans can expect from her character in the upcoming season five.

She told TVLine she may have more run-ins with her father’s new love interest, Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo).

She said: “Beth wants her father to be happy. She just has no respect for this particular woman.

“She sees Summer as an enemy, someone who has absolutely no respect for their way of life.

“[She and her fellow protesters] just come in with this very basic understanding, thinking that [ranchers] all just rednecks.

“Beth isn’t going to walk her through it. She’s just going to quietly destroy her. And it’s so easy for Beth to do that.

“We know it’s so easy for her to do that. That capacity for violence and cruelty that Beth has in her is quite terrifying, actually.”

Yellowstone season 5 will air on The Paramount Network on November 13

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