Big Brother ‘fix’ claims as fans pick up AJ Odudu’s one-word reaction to double eviction

Big Brother ‘fix’ claims as fans pick up AJ Odudu’s one-word reaction to double eviction


Big Brother 2023 viewers reckon a microphone mishap accidentally revealed AJ Odudu's reaction to Trish being kicked out of the house.

The latest two housemates to be axed from the ITV2 series have left enraged. The unlucky pair voted off the show were Chanelle and Trish, as announced by hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best during the live episode.

Fans think they heard AJ shout 'what?!' when the result was announced as one fans posted on social media: "AJ Odudu saying "what?!" accidentally down her mic into the house after Trish was evicted I… she really is one of us #BBUK."

Another wrote: "Anyone else hear AJ and will say 'what' into the mic when they announced Trish? Even they were confused."

Chanelle, Olivia, Trish, Noky and Jenkin all learned they would be up for eviction this week, with a double elimination on the cards. Just days before the final, set to air next Friday, two housemates were booted out of the show by the public.

Viewers were left reeling by the latter result, not seeing it coming given Trish was popular with viewers. Chanelle confessed she didn't know why she was out, as she addressed recent rows in the house.

As host AJ asked her to admit who she was talking about when she said she'd "forgive but not forget", she refused to reveal who she meant although her comment was directed at Trish.

AJ put her on the spot though, telling her to take accountability so she finally confessed it was about her housemate. She then claimed she couldn't reveal this in the house out of fear of breaking another rule.

Trish then took to the hot seat and confessed she was "shocked" to be leaving – with the hosts agreeing the audience outside were also stunned. She wasn't stunned by the people who nominated her, and was "glad" it was the three who it was.

Trish also shared her confusion over her constant drama with Chanelle, not realising there was an issue until Chanelle said so. Chanelle watched from the side of the stage as Trish's interview unfolded, with Trish saying she didn't find her co-star sincere when they tried to work through their issues.

Viewers were stunned with the result, not expecting Trish to leave and shared their disbelief over her exit.

One fan said: "GET TRISH BACK IN!!" as another said: "Can we boycott big brother fed the f**k up of getting the best people out first Hallie now Trish sort ya self of."

A third fan said: "Trish is my winner, get her back in the house," as a fourth wrote: "I'm actually shocked?.. no f***ing way trish went before jenkin.".

On Friday, November 17, hosts AJ and Will will reveal the winner of the reality TV show after 40 days in the house. The live final will kick off at 9pm and last until 10.30pm.

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