Big Emmerdale return confirmed as Caleb's secret ally to destroy Kim is unmasked?

Big Emmerdale return confirmed as Caleb's secret ally to destroy Kim is unmasked?


Emmerdale is set to welcome back a familiar face later this year as part of a big storyline, which has led fans to start speculating about just who it could be.

The identity of the person in question is being kept under wraps, with viewers sure that the comeback will be tied to Caleb Milligan’s (William Ash) plot to take down Kim Tate (Claire King).

Caleb, as fans know, is the secret son of Frank Tate (Norman Bowler), out for revenge on Kim, believing that she murdered his father, and thus he’s been scheming with son Nicky (Lewis Cope) in a bid to win her trust so that he can get his hands on her fortune, which he believes to rightfully be his.

But in addition to his son, could the show’s newest schemer have another secret accomplice in his plot to destroy Kim? If so, could this mystery person perhaps be the big return that’s slated for the summer?

It’s believed that the mysterious comeback is tied to a wedding storyline, and with Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) set to tie the knot to Nicky, unaware she is being played, it’s possibly that someone else who’s in cahoots with Caleb and Nicky could turn up to the event.

But just who would want to destroy Kim in a similar fashion to that of Caleb?Just who would despise the Home Farm legend that much that they would join Caleb’s twisted mission to take her down?

Fans have put forward Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) as possibility, which is certainly plausible, but we’re offering up the idea that it could, in fact, be another face from Kim’s past – one from much further back.

We are, of course, talking about Steve Marchant (Paul Opacic), Kim’s ex-husband, who she married shortly after Frank’s death, who was every bit as ruthless as his wife.

The suave businessman, who appeared in the ITV soap between 1996 and 1999, was arrested for the attempted murder of Kathy Glover, who he left to die after knocking her down, before later trying to smother her with a pillow.

Despite having initially tried to save him from a life behind bars, Kim later attempted to make out to the authorities that she and Steve had gone their separate ways due to his crimes, framing him for horse theft, with Steve vowing to take her down for what she had done to him, receiving some assistance from Chris Tate.

The trial proved difficult for Steve, with Kim’s claims of innocence being believed, and Chris’ attempts to expose her role in Frank’s death proving futile. Kim, however, feared she would end up going to prison and fled the village, much to Steve’s horror, as he was sentenced to a decade behind bars for attempted murder.

See where we’re going with this?

Since Kim staged her almighty comeback in 2018, this storylines hasn’t yet been revisited. It’s been over two decades since Steve received his sentence, so it’s likely that he’s out of prison by now. Surely he would come looking for revenge on the woman who made his life a living hell?

Kim, in his eyes, has yet to pay for what she’s done and, since Caleb seems to have researched her past in detail, it’s possible that the newcomer would be aware of her history with Steve and thus sought assistance from him.

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Perhaps Caleb wants Steve’s help to do what Chris failed to in court, exposing Kim’s role in Frank’s death?

Given that Steve was married to Kim shortly after the death of her first husband, it’s likely that he would know a lot more about that period of her life, making him the perfect ally to align with.

If this does prove to be the case then all we’ve got to say is be afraid, Kim. Be very afraid.

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