Brad Pitt 'will spend Christmas' with Shiloh, 14, and Knox and Vivienne, 11, as he fights Angelina Jolie in custody war

Brad Pitt 'will spend Christmas' with Shiloh, 14, and Knox and Vivienne, 11, as he fights Angelina Jolie in custody war


BRAD Pitt will be spending Christmas with his daughter Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne as he continues to duke it out with ex Angelina Jolie in a custody war.

The former pair tied the knot in 2014 before parting ways in 2016. They share six kids.

According to Us Weekly, the A-lister will be hanging out with Shiloh, 14, and his twins, 11, on the special day as a source told the outlet: “They can spend the night with him on Christmas Eve."

However, the insider added that Brad, 57, and Angelina, 45, previously had a chat about spending the holidays as a family during the time that they were "getting along," but now a 180 has been made.

The source claimed that the stars' “egos have once again derailed” the plan to all be together for the holidays.

They said: “Brad and Angelina are equally responsible for the never-ending drama. Sadly, their children are collateral damage.”

The insider added: "Relations between Brad and Angelina remain extremely tense,” as she is "frustrated" with the recent setbacks in the custody court case – one of which was due to Covid.

All this comes as the ex couple have exchanged blows in court – most recently, the Maleficent actress lost her battle to get the judge "kicked off" her divorce case, which the duo has been fighting for four years.

Angelina had claimed Judge John W. Oidekirk did not disclose "ongoing business and professional relationships" that he had with Brad's legal team and thought it wasn't "fair" to keep him on.

However, the judge was allowed to remain on the case in a court ruling last month as filings stated that Ouderkirk had made the required disclosures and that Angelina was aware of his appointment and former dealings since August 2018.

Insiders at the time claimed the mother of six had attempted to remove Ouderkirk because she wasn't "going to like the outcome" of her divorce battle.

A source told Daily Mail: "This was the judge who was originally brought in by Angie's team. He married them, for heaven's sake.

"It's a prime example of someone who tried to get the referee removed late in the game because they weren't going to like the outcome."

The famous exes, who were declared legally single in April 2019, also share sons Maddox, 19, and Pax, 16, and daughter Zahara, 15.

While Brad and Angelina have not yet seen eye-to-eye on a custody agreement, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor wants a peaceful resolution.

A source exclusively told The Sun: “He’s still desperate for all the ugliness to end, even though it’s like pulling teeth seeing eye to eye with Angelina about virtually anything these days.

“Brad’s big concern in all this is making some sort of peace, for the kids’ sakes as well as his and Angelina’s.

“This ugliness has gone on way too long and it’s his greatest wish for them to resolve as much as possible outside of the courtroom."

The insider added: “Whatever gets decided by the judge, they’ll be co-raising the kids for the rest of their lives.

“He’s willing to be the bigger person, and it’s a positive sign that he’s spending time with Angie again, for sure.”

Aside from the custody case, Brad has also been dealing with his split from model girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski — the former couple parted ways after a three-month relationship.

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