Celebs who ‘snubbed’ Strictly – Love Island host, TV legend and Piers Morgan

Celebs who ‘snubbed’ Strictly – Love Island host, TV legend and Piers Morgan

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    Strictly Come Dancing has seen some of the most high-profile celebrities take part in the iconic BBC One dancing competition over the years.

    However, there are some famous faces that don't fancy appearing on television in sparkly ensembles while doing the Cha Cha Cha.

    From TalkTV's Piers Morgan to The Chase's Bradley Walsh – some celebrities have completely ruled out ever appearing on the show, while others have turned it down without ruling it out completely.

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    Daily Star have taken a look at a handful of stars who have turned down an offer to appear on Strictly, of which one could potentially U-turn because of how her popularity has grown in recent years.

    Piers Morgan

    The former Good Morning Britain host has spoken about appearing on Strictly before, but it seems as though the stint wouldn't be for him.

    In 2018 the TalkTV host spoke to The Sun about turning down "vast sums of money" when he claimed, "dancing is not for me".

    Speaking to the publication he revealed: "They’ve [Strictly bosses] offered me vast sums of money to go and humiliate myself on national TV. But I prefer to do it with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in the privacy of my own home."

    He has also admitted that he "doesn't watch Strictly" adding that his former GMB co-stars loved it because they were on it – but affirmed that it's not for him.

    Maya Jama

    Maya Jama was recently revealed as the new Love Island host who will take over from Laura Whitmore, but it seems as though we won't be seeing her cross over to Strictly…. just yet.

    In 2018, Maya appeared on Good Morning Britain where she revealed that she turned down a spot on the show.

    Speaking on the ITV Daytime show, Maya said: "I don’t think now is the right time.

    "I think I want to let people know who I am a bit more. I don’t want to be the one where everyone goes, ‘Who’s that?”"

    Not ruling it out completely, but maybe after a few seasons of Love Island she could be tempted? We sure hope so!

    Bradley Walsh

    Not related to Louis, the beloved host of The Chase, Bradley Walsh doesn't seem sold on doing the rumba, waltz or foxtrot live on television for us all to watch.

    He previously told The Sun: "If you can’t dance, you can’t sell it, no matter how big a showman you are. Stick to what you know best. I’ve been asked a couple of times to go on Strictly.

    "But I’m not a dancer. I don’t even think I’m a good dad dancer. I’m a bad dad dancer, which makes things even worse."

    Mary Berry

    If Mary Berry would strut her stuff onto the dance floor, she would be the oldest ever contestant to take part.

    But sadly for Great British Bake Off fans, Mary isn't sold on the idea of appearing on the beloved dancing competition.

    Speaking to Radio Times in 2016, Mary revealed that she was offered a spot on the show but refused to take part.

    The baking sensation also said: "My husband and children would kill me. I have two left feet and would make a terrible fool of myself."

    Louis Walsh

    When Louis was booted off The X Factor in 2019 by Simon Cowell, the BBC wanted to swoop him up right away.

    Offered the opportunity to compete on the show, Louis considered it for a while but decided to turn it down.

    Speaking to Heat Magazine, Louis said: "The funny thing was, the day before the call from The X Factor, I got a call to be a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

    "I thought 'I’d love to do it, just to annoy Simon!'"

    Nadiya Hussain

    Another Bake Off star that has been offered the chance to go on Strictly but politely declined – winner Nadiya wasn't keen.

    Offered the chance to appear on the show in 2018, Nadiya opened up about declining to Heart when she said: "I love Strictly but a rule I’ve set for myself is never do anything that you love because it can kill the magic.

    "If I was a part of it I wouldn’t be able to sit on the couch with my husband and daughter and [watch] and I couldn’t take that away because it’s our thing."

    Alan Titchmarsh

    The gardening sensation has turned down Strictly many times, so it's safe to say he won't be doing the salsa on our screens… ever?

    Yep, that's right – never.

    Speaking to The Mirror, the beloved TV star said: "I’ve been asked to go on both Strictly and I’m a Celebrity and you won’t see me on either.

    "I’m very flattered to have been asked, but all things considered, I’d rather sit down and watch Doc Martin, which my children call 'old fogey television'."

    He continued: "I don’t go a bundle on reality TV, but I got hooked on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, which is about Beverly Hills estate agents and so outrageous – my younger daughter and I would talk about it."

    Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday on BBC One and iPlayer

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