Channel 5 viewer upset as puppy mauled in savage dog attack

Channel 5 viewer upset as puppy mauled in savage dog attack


The Yorkshire Vet: Owner's 'nightmare' after dog attacked

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Since 2015, Channel 5 viewers have watched The Yorkshire Vet team treat a variety of animals across the county. In the latest episode, fans of the show were left outraged after learning about how dog Oscar had sustained his injuries.

Viewers watched as a man called Ian rushed in his rescue lurcher Oscar who had been attacked while on a walk in Huddersfield.

As the dog limped into the practice, vet Charlotte commented on how big the open wound was that Oscar had on the side of his abdomen.

Seeing the injuries went all the way down Oscar’s back, fellow vet David said it looked as though another dog had grabbed and dragged him around.

Ian recalled how Oscar was attacked as he called the ordeal horrendous and was still in shock over what had happened.

He explained: “I was taking Oscar on a short walk on my lunch break and we were just wandering along a route we go along quite often.

“I could see in the distance a couple of dogs playing with a girl, and I thought nothing of it.

“But all of a sudden, one dog had charged over to us and just went straight into Oscar and attacked him.”

As Ian waited for Oscar to get his surgery, he told viewers more about the attack as he detailed the scene

He added: “It was chaos, absolutely horrendous and the other dog was running around barking.

“Luckily the girl managed to drag the brown dog off Oscar but he was howling and screaming, it was terrible.”

Although the vet initially told Ian the injuries didn’t seem that bad, once the surgery started, concern started to set in.

With Oscar under strong pain relief, one of the vet’s colleagues highlighted that on some of the more severe wounds, his skin was attached to his muscle.

Starting to perform surgery on the dog, the vet confessed the process wasn’t simple as they admitted it was “trickier than I originally thought”.

After the operation, viewers were relieved when Oscar came around and seemed to be more himself, although at the end of the episode Ian admitted he’s now cautious and nervous around other dogs.

Throughout the episode, The Yorkshire Vet viewers were horrified over the awful attack as they shared their thoughts on Oscar’s journey.

Lesly Bowman said: “Oh my goodness! Poor Oscar, I’m so pleased he was ok after such an ordeal.”

“#theyorkshirevet Lovely to see the dog that was attacked back to enjoying life but the dog that attacked really needs addressing. They’re a danger. @theyorkshirevet,” commented SelexiaK.

Craig S added: “Look at Oscar [sic] Great job guys.”

The Yorkshire Vet is available to watch on My5.

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