CNN Restricts Employee Travel In Wake Of Coronavirus

CNN Restricts Employee Travel In Wake Of Coronavirus


CNN is placing restrictions on employee travel in the wake of the coronavirus.

Jeff Zucker, chairman of WarnerMedia News and Sports, wrote to employees on Monday that they would ensure that staffing needs are met for coverage of major upcoming political events, debates, NBA and NCAA coverage, but will “limit any participants that are not absolutely critical to getting our content out or meeting basic revenue-generating needs.”

His note signaled the increasing concern among major corporations, including news organizations covering the spread of the coronavirus.

Zucker’s memo followed a wider announcement from WarnerMedia on travel restrictions. Zucker wrote that travel between continents will be limited to “only the most necessary, business-critical need, and must be approved in every instance by me.” He said that domestic travel in the U.S. should be done “only if absolutely necessary,” and that internal meetings “should be conducted by phone or via teleconference.” He said that meetings or gatherings that can be put on hold “for the time being or canceled altogether, should be.”

Zucker wrote that CNN’s ongoing news coverage will continue as normal, as well as sports coverage.

He also noted that CNN’s international newsgathering operations that are covering the virus “have their own set of protocols and restrictions in terms of both travel approval and staying safe.”

Zucker wrote that “while some of these protocols may seem inconvenient, they are being taken out of an abundance of caution to keep all of you safe. It is unclear how long these restrictions will remain in place, but we will continue to communicate regularly as the situation both domestically and globally changes.”

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