Coronation Street blunder as Asha and Aadi celebrate their 16th birthdays a year early

Coronation Street blunder as Asha and Aadi celebrate their 16th birthdays a year early


CORONATION Street fans have noticed a whopping blunder after Asha and Aadi Alahan celebrated their 16th birthdays a year early.

The twins – who are played by actors Tanisha Gorey and Adam Hussain in the ITV soap – were made a fuss of in last night's episode by dad Dev.

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However viewers with sharp memories have pointed out that their late mum Sunita Alahan gave birth to them in 2006 making them 15.

One confused fan wrote: ""Asha and Aadi were born in 2006. That makes them 15. Not 16…"

A second said: "My sister was 16 yesterday and she was born in 2005, how can the twins be 16 tomorrow when they were born 2006?"

Another said: ""Asha and Aadi were born in 2006, making them 15."

A fourth viewer even questioned how Dev could forget how old his children were, writing: "Has Dev forgotten how old his children are?

"According to all reference sites, the twins were born on 13th January 2006, which makes them 15, not 16."

Another tweeted: "I know we are supposed to accept little faults in soaps due to Covid.

"But a character completely forgetting when they were born is a bit far. Dev's twins were born in 2006?"

A Coronation Street spokeswoman has been contacted for comment.

The soap is planning a major storyline for Asha this year with a heartbreaking tragic twist.

Executive producer Iain Macleod revealed: "Essentially it's going to be one of the biggest things we do next year, by some margin.

"It's a serious social responsibility type story. It will start with the teens but end up hoovering in Abi, Roy and countless other people as well.

"It'd be weird to say I'm excited about it, because it's incredibly sad and tragic in some respects. But it'll be a really important story for us next year."

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