Coronation Street fans call out glaring blunder as Ryan, Daisy and Michael lose their jobs | The Sun

Coronation Street fans call out glaring blunder as Ryan, Daisy and Michael lose their jobs | The Sun


CORONATION Street fans have called out a glaring blunder after Ryan, Daisy and Michael lost their jobs.

Wednesday's episode saw money woes hit all three characters in the ITV soap.

Daisy and Ryan were forced to scramble around for £1000 after Lauren threatened to expose the fact they had slept together to Daisy's fiance Daniel.

Ryan told Daisy how much she needed and said: "She's serious, and I haven't got it, my money's almost gone."

Daisy was on a trial shift at the Bistro after she lost her barmaid job at the Rovers following its closure.

Meanwhile Ryan had been earning well with his online fan account, but decided to close it down for good earlier this week after a heart to heart with Daisy about how the acid attack was still affecting him.

As they worked out what they had between them in the Bistro, Daisy said she had "not a lot, maybe like £400," while Ryan said he had around £300 in the bank.

Elsewhere, Michael was sacked from Underworld after he inadvertently helped Stephen wipe the company's bank account.

Distraught, Michael asked dad Ed for the investment money he had given him to be returned so he could afford to get to the end of the month.

The trio's sudden financial dire straits – considering they all had paying jobs until very recently – didn't go unnoticed by some Coronation Street viewers.

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Taking to X – formerly Twitter – one wrote: "They all live very close to the bone don't they? Ryan immediately skint, Daisy £400, Michael skint by end of the month."

Another added: "Do people instantly lose all of their money on the day that they lose their jobs? That's Ryan and Michael. Both had a ton in the back yesterday."

A fellow viewer commented: "Oh he's quit posing naked. Now has no money and is skint immediately. Wasn't making that much then."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "a lot of folk in the street seem to have money troubles at the moment but none of it because of the cost of living crisis clearly as they’re all eating out or treating themselves to the Bistro, Speed Dhal and even Roy’s Cafe."

Coronation Street airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.

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