Coronation Street spoilers: Wedding disaster, shock exit, sad split

Coronation Street spoilers: Wedding disaster, shock exit, sad split


Coronation Street romances are hitting the rocks in a big way in the run up to Christmas – with Emma Brooker’s (Alexandra Mardell) torn apart by the lies of groom Curtis Delamere (Sam Retford).

Elsewhere, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) has her eyes on sealing her love with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) – but newcomer Lydia (Rebecca Ryan) throws it all into chaos.

Will anyone be happy under the mistletoe this year?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week

As Emma prepares for her wedding, still unsure whether she’s doing the right thing, Curtis enquires about flights.

Steve reveals to Amy that he gave Curtis his bank card to transfer the charity money but the charity never received it.

A nervous Emma waits for Curtis at their wedding venue. Has he done a runner?

Debbie tells Kevin that Kelly is now living at Number 7 and working at the barbers, so he best warn Abi before she bumps into her. Kelly’s chuffed when Maria offers her an apprenticeship, but as Abi clocks her, she’s unsettled.

David and Max meet with the Deputy Head, who confirms they’ll reach a decision regarding Max’s future by the end of the day. Daisy urges Daniel to try and persuade Mrs Crawshaw into giving Max another chance.

When Sarah reveals her plans for a joint Christmas with the Barlows, David’s appalled.

Craig gives Faye her first driving lesson. When Faye brakes sharply and stalls the car in front of Asha and Nina, Asha’s amused whilst Nina is badly shaken.

Having taken a call from the school, Shona shares the news. When Daisy takes a call from Ashley, Daniel masks his jealousy.

Sarah invites Lydia over to help her bake some cakes for the school charity. When Sarah mentions Adam, Lydia’s quick to change the subject.

Nina tells Abi how she found Kelly in a bad way and although she can’t forgive her for what she did, it’s time to put a stop to all the hatred.

Aadi finds Kelly packing. Kelly explains that for Abi’s sake, she needs to find somewhere else to live. Aadi urges her to talk to Abi.

Daniel sets up his laptop ready for the carol concert. While he chats to Daisy, Max tampers with the laptop.

However, when Daisy reveals that it was Daniel who had him reinstated at school, Max is horrified and tries to rescue the laptop.

When Abi asserts they need to get in the Christmas spirit as it’s what Seb would have wanted, Kevin and Jack are delighted. Tyrone hands Kevin a few of Seb’s things that Emma found in the flat. As Kevin reads a letter, his jaw drops.

Lydia’s intrigued to learn that Daniel is Adam’s uncle.

Nina struggles to cope with her anxiety as she tries in vain to get hold of Asha. Carla clocks her unease.

Seeing Daniel floundering, Daisy steps in.

Grabbing the microphone, Daisy tells the crowd that Daniel is the most decent and kindest man she has ever met. Daniel’s genuinely touched.

Kevin shows the letter to Tyrone but asserts Abi mustn’t find out. Kevin’s secretive as he takes a phone call, his face etched with worry.

Sarah rounds up the Platts and Barlows and suggests they sort out their differences as she wants a joint family Christmas. But as the two families trade insults, Sarah wonders what she has let herself in for.

Carla realises Nina’s problems run much deeper than she’s letting on as she explains that she is suffering from anxiety over Asha’s safety.

Ken urges Daniel to tell Daisy how he feels, but when he invites her for a drink, she turns him down, explaining that Ashley’s taking her to a celeb bash. With the party in full swing, it’s evident Daisy’s not enjoying herself and she makes her excuses.

Back on the street, Adam and Daniel join Sarah and Lydia for a drink. Daniel’s impressed when he clocks the book that Lydia’s reading and they instantly hit it off.

As Daisy buzzes Daniel’s intercom, declaring she has been an idiot and thinks the world of him, it’s Ken who answers and sends Daisy off to find Daniel.

Having read Seb’s letter, Kevin pulls out all the stops for Abi. Abi thanks Kevin for the best Christmas present ever. He reveals it was actually Seb who was behind it.

Asha invites Nina to join her family for Christmas Day, but Nina declines and Asha’s hurt.

When Kevin lets slip how much Tyrone is dreading Christmas without his family, Fiz feels awful.

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