Coronation Street theories – from double murder to dramatic pregnancy

Coronation Street theories – from double murder to dramatic pregnancy


The cobbles are buzzing with whispers of an explosive storyline as rumors swirl that Sarah Platt, played by Tina O'Brien, could be hiding a bombshell secret that could ruin her relationship with husband Adam Barlow, played by Sam Robertson. Sarah's steamy fling with Damon Hay, played by Simon Yuill, may have resulted in an unexpected bundle of joy, leaving her in a panic as she tries to keep her secret under wraps.

With Adam's birthday fast approaching, the pressure is on for Sarah to keep up appearances and maintain her picture-perfect family facade. But will her secret pregnancy be the one thing that finally tears them apart? Here's some theories for the upcoming episodes of Coronation Street as this gripping storyline unfolds.

1. Shocking pregnancy

It's the ultimate betrayal as Sarah Platt has been keeping a shocking secret from husband Adam Barlow. The successful lawyer had been trying to help out thug Damon Hay (played by Ciarán Griffiths) to keep his struggling law firm afloat, but little did he know that Damon had a fling with Sarah.

Sarah had been trying to keep her attraction to Damon under wraps, but in the tight-knit community of the cobbles, secrets are bound to surface.

Despite her efforts to keep her attraction to Damon under wraps, secrets rarely stay hidden in the close-knit community of the cobbles. Now, Sarah's illicit affair threatens to destroy her picture-perfect life with Adam.

As Adam plans a birthday lunch at the Bistro, Damon offers to throw in a bottle of champagne, leaving Sarah to mask her unease. But when Damon makes a surprise appearance at their table, Sarah's discomfort is palpable.

Things go from bad to worse when local politician Maria Connor (played by Samia Longchambon) drops a bombshell, revealing that Sarah was one of the residents who raised objections to the Bistro's late license. Furious, Nick Tilsley (played by Ben Price) and Adam turn on Sarah, unaware that she only did it to get away from Damon.

As tensions mount, Sarah's world is turned upside down when she agrees to try for a baby with Adam. Could she be pregnant with Damon's child instead? Will her shocking affair be exposed, tearing her marriage apart?

2. Max is shunned away

The shocking grooming storyline of Max Turner (played by Paddy Bever) took an unexpected turn when he was left to face the consequences of his actions. The teen was groomed by far-right activist Griff Reynolds and ended up making propaganda videos for him. But things took a dangerous turn when Griff organized an attack on Weatherfield which left Alya Nazir injured.

Despite being groomed, Max was charged with incitement to attempt murder in January 2023 after one of his videos inspired Blake to carry out the stabbing at Speed Daal. He pled guilty to encouraging terrorism and was handed a six-month sentence.

Now, Weatherfield residents are on edge as Max could be set for an early release from jail. But according to Sair Khan, who plays Alya Nazir, Max won't be welcomed back with open arms.

"His sentence is nothing like she thought it would be," the soap star told "She feels that nothing has changed when he gets out, he’s still living next door, she’s still coming to terms with it all as well. I don’t think she is over everything that happened."

It remains to be seen how the residents of Weatherfield will react to Max's potential return. Will he be pushed away from the cobbles altogether? Could Alya take action to prevent his release?

3. Rapist exits the cobbles

Aaron Sandford, played by James Craven, raped Amy Barlow, and it seems that his drunken actions have finally caught up with him after Nina Lucas' birthday party. In the upcoming week, things will only get worse for him when his reformed alcoholic father, Eric, appears on the cobbles with some terrible news to deliver.

It turns out that Aaron's grandmother has passed away, and Eric insists on taking Aaron and Abi Webster (played by Sally Carman) out for dinner. Later, Eric visits Aaron at the garage and shows him the keys to his new flat, suggesting that Aaron should move back in with him.

The question remains: what will Aaron decide? Could he possibly leave Weatherfield to avoid facing the consequences of his actions?

4. Stephen plots new murders

Tim Metcalfe, played by Joe Duttine, struggles to trust his mother's new husband, Stephen Reid. Tim's suspicions of Stephen are set to drive a wedge between him and his mother Elaine, played by Paula Wilcox.

In upcoming episodes, Elaine agrees to fly out to Las Vegas with Stephen to tie the knot once and for all. But Sally Metcalfe, played by Sally Dynevor, struggles to be happy for her mother-in-law, and she breaks the news to Tim herself. Tim then hatches a plan to stop the wedding.

In a shock move, he offers to run Elaine and Stephen to the airport, making out that he accepts their marriage plans. However, Tim has other ideas, and as soon as they get in the taxi, he speeds away, making Elaine his hostage and leaving Stephen on the doorstep.

As the drama unfolds, it soon becomes clear that Stephen may not be the perfect man he seems. In fact, he's only with Elaine for her money, and Tim is cautious as he's all too aware of his mother's past with men.

Could Stephen be capable of murder to get his hands on Elaine's fortune? Will Tim be able to expose him before it's too late?

5. Quick escape for Paul

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) has been diagnosed with motor-neurone disease (MND), which may shorten his life to under three years. However, he has decided to keep his condition a secret from his loved ones.

Despite this his friend Dee-Dee Bailey's, played by Channique Sterling-Brown, attempts to make him see sense, Paul continues to focus on making money, including taking on dangerous jobs from Damon Hay, played by Ciarán Griffiths, and Niall, risking exposure to his family.

Dee-dee becomes suspicious of Paul's behavior and follows him to a car park where Paul is caught stealing a car. Dee-Dee threatens to call the police but a stubborn Paul insists he needs the money and puts the car into gear before roaring off.

Later on, however, Paul decides to take action and corners Damon in the Bistro office.

Ready for anything to get money, Paul demands £25k from Damon and threatens to grass him up if he doesn't go along with it. However, Damon double-crosses him and warns him that Niall and his brother are after him. With his life and health at risk, Paul may have to flee Weatherfield and even consider faking his own death to avoid his pursuers.


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