Counting On fans rip Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband for ‘scaring’ son, 3, with leaf blower during ‘uncomfortable’ haircut

Counting On fans rip Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband for ‘scaring’ son, 3, with leaf blower during ‘uncomfortable’ haircut


COUNTING On star Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband Austin has been criticised for 'scaring' their three-year-old son with a leaf blower.

The 23-year-old reality star caught the attention of her followers after documenting son Gideon's home haircut yesterday.

Sharing the process on Instagram, Joy-Anna revealed it was Austin's first time cutting their son's hair.

The star filmed the youngster as he patiently waited for his dad to make a start.

Joy-Anna said: "Austin's first time to cut Gideon's hair. Stay tuned… we'll see how this goes."

Austin began shaving his son's curls with clippers as Joy-Anna commented behind the camera.

She added: "Our goal was to get Gideon's hair cut last week but it didn't happen.

"Austin was like, I'm just going to do it. He's just chopping away at it and he's doing pretty good."

Later on, Austin cut the top of Gideon's hair with a pair of scissors, before the youngster showed off his new look.

In a bid to get rid of any hairs, Austin then enlisted a leaf blower and aimed it in the direction of his son.

However, Gideon seemed far from impressed as he began to scream hysterically.

Meanwhile, fans appeared just as annoyed with the dad-of-two.

Commenting on the moment, one shared on Reddit: "Omg ick. Austin gives off zero dad vibes whatsoever. From the horrid leaf blower on the toddler idea to way he roughly handles his little head and buzzes away rapidly at the hair without being gentle or careful at all…

"And not even putting a towel or something around him to keep the hair off his skin?? These two parents are clueless."

A second complained: "I will personally Venmo her money for a salon kids cut if they promise to never subject that poor child to this again."

Another wrote: "It doesn't take braincells to know that you cover whoever's hair your cutting with someone so they don't get your hair all over them. Like, have they never been to a salon?"

A fourth shared: "Austin and Joy seem like really immature teen parents. More focused on having fun themselves than the comfort/safety of their kid."

"Can they send Gideon to Aunt Blessa's place next time for a haircut," a fifth said, adding: "He was uncomfortable towards the end and then Austin scared him with a leafblower."

Joy-Anna shares son Gideon, three, and daughter Evelyn, ten months, with husband Austin Forsyth, 27.

Earlier this week, The Sun revealed that Counting On had been canceled after nearly six years.

A source told The Sun: "The decision was made by TLC earlier this week to cancel the show. The family was told over the phone shortly after and it's still very hush hush. 

"The petition from those who boycotted Counting On was hard to ignore, and sponsors were very concerned following Josh's arrest."

Josh Duggar was previously arrested for possession of child pornography.

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