Dancing on Ice: Matt Richardson’s black eye and concussion was ‘Christopher Dean’s fault’

Dancing on Ice: Matt Richardson’s black eye and concussion was ‘Christopher Dean’s fault’


Dancing on Ice: Matt reveals how he got black eye and concussion

Earlier this week, Rufus Hound announced he would be quitting Dancing on Ice after he tested positive for coronavirus for a second time. As a result, the show is one celebrity contestant down, but fear not, Matt Richardson was on hand to step in and take the comedians place. The TV presenter will take to the ice for the very first time this evening with professional ice-skater Vicky Ogden. Ahead of his debut, Matt spoke about the injuries he has already sustained, and apparently judge, Christopher Dean is responsible. 

Matt appeared on Friday’s edition of Lorraine and he told the host, Lorraine Kelly about his time in training. 

Matt revealed: “I was nearly at the end of my being a stand-in, and I had gotten ready to finish so it is a bit of a surprise. 

“I have done exactly the same amount of training as everyone else, I was just doing it off-camera and not doing the show on a Sunday so I started in October, five days a week since then.” 

A clip from Matt training was then played and Lorraine said he looked quite ‘Bambi-ish’ on the ice. 

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He replied: “That was my second day on the ice, this was a few days after the masterclass. I think there are a lot of people that will think I haven’t [improved] so we will see.”

As with every other contestant, Matt suffered an injury during the first couple of weeks wearing his skates. 

“I was injured. It was entirely Christopher Dean’s fault, I think even he knows that deep down,” Matt explained. 

“On the masterclass day, I went to skate and I was terrible and they said the problem was my limbs, which isn’t ideal.

“He gave me a pole to skate with to stop my arms moving and as I was skating with the pole, I caught the front of my blade and went over the front of the pole and because I was holding something I couldn’t put my hands out to stop myself so my face took all of the fall.  

“I ended up being sent home with concussion and a black eye,” he added. 

As for how he felt to be a replacement, Matt said: “I think actually for me it is the best thing that they have bounced me in, I haven’t had much time to think about it, I have just got to go for it without too much trepidation and hopefully it will go alright. 

“Ultimately if it goes horribly,  I am a comedian so it was very much on purpose.”

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Tonight, Matt and Vicky will perform for the first time, and he’s feeling confident about it. 

“The routine is all done. I am yet to see my outfit but I am doing a Paso Doble so I think I am going to be a sparkly matador,” he told Lorraine. 

Matt also shared the advice his girlfriend gave him: “She has told me basically that I have to act like I am embarrassed. 

“It is an awkward thing to do and I am quite an awkward man. When she is modelling and doing something where she might feel a bit stupid, she said you just have to go at it 100% because if you do anything less, you are going to look like an idiot.”

Matt went on to reveal that this is the first show his mum can tell her mates to watch. 

“Because of the kind of TV shows I normally make, which are usually on ITV2 at about 1.30 in the morning, she can finally tell her friends to watch because I won’t be swearing and talking about rude things,” he laughed. 

As for Matt’s chances of winning the competition, Coral Bookmakers put him at 16-1. 

Dancing on Ice returns at 7pm tonight on ITV. 

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