Dani Dyer deletes ALL the pics of ex Sammy Kimmence from her social media after he's jailed for OAP con

Dani Dyer deletes ALL the pics of ex Sammy Kimmence from her social media after he's jailed for OAP con


DANI Dyer has deleted ALL the pictures of her ex Sammy Kimmence from her social media as he serves time in prison.

The 25-year-old has continued to distance herself from the shamed stockbroker who was jailed for his part in an OAP con.

Yesterday Dani snubbed her son's father by failing to turn up to court to see him ordered to pay back £55k.

Kimmence was jailed for 42 months by a judge at Portsmouth Crown Court for conning two pensioners.

Dani stopped sharing footage of her on/off boyfriend after he was originally accused of scamming two elderly men out of £34,000.

But she stood by her man after he convinced her that his crimes were “not that serious”.

Dani, who gave birth to their son Santiago last year, dumped her boyfriend after becoming aware of the full details of his crimes. 

Since making the brave decision to go it alone as a single mum her family are fully supporting her.

She has now decided to put the relationship firmly in the past by removing any images of him from her Instagram page.

Kimmence yesterday stood motionless in the dock, only speaking to say his name, wearing a mask and a navy blue jumper and dark tracksuit bottoms.

He was ordered to return almost £55k after swindling his elderly victims.

The 25-year-old has agreed to start paying the money back out of his own luxury valuables.

He sobbed and called himself "an awful human being" as a judge sentenced him last month. 

Kimmence will now start paying his debts by handing over £5,099-worth of valuables including a £699 personal number plate and two Louis Vuitton monochrome bags.

A judge also ordered the scammer to hand over jewellery and designer trainers and clothing – with three pairs of valuable trainers making up the “vast bulk” of the sum.

Kimmence duped Peter Martin, 91, and Peter Haynes, 81, by persuading the vulnerable pensioners to let him invest their money for them and then splashed out on expensive restaurants, hotels and clothes.

He will now have to pay Mr Martin £3,926 – which will go to his estate as he has passed away – and Mr Hayne £1,173 within the next three months.

The rest will be paid as soon as he earns money once he is released from prison.

A source said: “As soon as his wrongdoing was exposed, he vowed to repay the money and he’s relieved that he’s been able to do that.

"Now he just wants to get his head down and do his time behind bars.”

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